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 Socioeconomic Potential


1. Workforce

Total number of households in the commune: 4266 families.

Number of people: 17,161 people.

Number of working-age people at: 11,432 people.

2. Land

Total natural land area: 4,302.26 ha

Agricultural land: 3,549 ha

Forestry land: 419.51 ha

Specialized land: 179.13 ha

Residential land: 79.64 ha

Three main soil groups: gray soil, black soil, and yellow soil.

Distribution zone: across the commune

- Natural resources: land resources are diverse and abundant in types but poor in nutrition, prone to nutrient loss, distributed on high areas with limited irrigation water.

Use purposes: agricultural production.

3. Forest resources

Forest area: 427.18 ha

Types of reforestration:

Density: Medium

Economic efficiency: good.

4. Transport

The District Road spans a total of 19.6 km with  the road width of 6 m and asphalted surface.

Road system in the commune: The commune has 112,624 km of major roads including 19,605 km of roads managed by the district; 15,683 km by the commune roads; 36,936 km of hamlet and village roads and 40.4 km of lane roads.

Length of asphalted roads: 32,043 km

Length of dust roads: 46,837 km and hardened road is 33,744 km.


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