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Enhancing measures to preserve traffic safety during the rainy and flood season Update 30-09-2020 10:59
The coming rainy season is a time that causes many difficulties for river traffic routes, ferries, pontoon bridges ... In Dong Nai, many waterway traffic routes with a large number of participants have taken many measures for people. be safe in the rainy season. In addition, over the past time, the functional forces of Dong Nai waterway have organized propaganda and strengthened the patrol and control of vehicles, ferries and boats across the river.

The vessels crossing rivers are checked


In the area of ​​Vinh Cuu district, there are quite a few ferries leading passengers back and forth between Vinh Cuu district and Binh Duong province, the daily traffic is crowded, stable and frequent. Ba Mieu ferry port as well as 8 ferries and ferry terminals across the Dong Nai river in Vinh Cuu district daily transport a large number of workers to and from industrial zones of Dong Nai and Binh Duong provinces. . To ensure absolute safety for passengers, the traffic inspection force of Vinh Cuu district regularly organizes propaganda for vehicle owners to remind people to seriously take life jackets and floating tools when boarding the ferry. . Noted that at the inspection, some people still had a subjective mentality when they did not wear life jackets, vehicle owners did not often remind passengers to comply with safety measures and were reminded by the competent forces and ask to make a commitment not to repeat offenses.


Particularly in the area of ​​Bien Hoa city, the police force of waterway traffic - Dong Nai province police also regularly patrol and control the observance of the provisions of the Law on Inland Waterway Traffic. with owners of vehicles transporting passengers on rivers, technical safety of vehicles, registration, registration, certificates relating to vehicle drivers, equipment of safety equipment, propaganda remind and ask people to wear life jackets and floating tools to ensure safety when crossing the river. Strictly handle violations in order to ensure the safety of water traffic in the rainy season.


In the area of ​​Long Thanh district, with the existing system of road, waterways and railways and airways, Long Thanh is home to many arterial traffic hubs of the country. and of the southern key economic region. This is an advantage to continue to invest in local traffic, creating momentum for the economic acceleration of Long Thanh district. The district also actively implements propaganda measures to ensure traffic safety in the rainy season. Communicate and remind people to wear life jackets when crossing ferries, on boats and when joining waterways.


Check out the temporary ferry terminals


The report of the Provincial Traffic Safety Board said that in the first 6 months of 2020 alone, there were 2 accidents on the route, killing 01 person, increasing 01 case over the same period in 2019, functional forces issued nearly 1,300 decisions to handle administrative violations related to waterway traffic safety, paying over 1.3 billion VND to the state treasury. To ensure the safety of waterway traffic in the last months of the year, in addition to the efforts of functional agencies in propagating, patrolling and handling violations, the awareness of vehicle owners should be raised. and active cooperation from the people is essential.


Duy Minh (Dieu Linh)​

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