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Long Thanh International Airport is expected to need more than 18,000 workers Update 30-09-2020 10:57
Above is the forecast information provided at the conference "Deploying high quality human resource training in Dong Nai province 2020, contributing to the supply of human resources for Long Thanh international airport" by the Department of Labor - Trade. Binh and Social Affairs cooperated with the Department of Education and Training recently.

According to Mr. Huynh Van Tinh, Director of the Department of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs of Dong Nai province: In 2018, Dong Nai issued a project to create jobs, vocational training and reorganize the lives of people in the project area. In Long Thanh, the project is applied to all nearly 4,870 households whose land is acquired for airport construction. Accordingly, since the date of the land acquisition decision, each person in the project area, when participating in intermediate and college education, will be supported with tuition fees for a training course, elementary vocational training under 3 months. supported 3 million. After the course, if people need to borrow money, they will enjoy the same preferential loan policy as poor households. For those who want to work abroad, the province will support the cost of vocational training, language learning and related expenses.


The delegates exchange at the conference.


In addition, Dong Nai province has investigated and surveyed the needs of vocational training, job creation of 6,500 people aged 15 and over (those whose land is acquired for the project). The results show that 700 people want to work abroad or change jobs, the rest have vocational training needs, go to work in cooperatives, production linkages or continue to work. current job. Most of the young people (currently in school) want to work at Long Thanh Airport.


Based on the results of the survey and survey mentioned above, in the coming time, the functional branch of Dong Nai will organize various forms of vocational training for the people, sign the regulations to coordinate with educational institutions to provide vocational training. people in need; contact the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam to grasp the labor demand when Long Thanh Airport commences and operates.


At the conference, delegates focused on discussing contents such as labor demand for construction and operation of Long Thanh International Airport; the level of training response of colleges and secondary schools in the province; the joint aviation training and certification in the aviation field as well as the job creation after training; the coordination of vocational education institutions with the Vietnam Aviation Science Institute in vocational training in the aviation sector; role and position of local businesses in training human resources, exploiting economic resources from the airport ...


In order to create high-quality human resources after graduation can work well in the airport environment, in the course of participating in training, in addition to professional knowledge, schools will strengthen foreign language training and response. professional working culture ... The functional branch of Dong Nai province needs to coordinate with the school, widely disseminate to the people in the project area about the training strengths of the schools, help people choose suitable careers. well suited; innovating and improving training quality to meet labor requirements in the aviation sector.


Vocational training practice at Dong Nai High Technology College (Long Thanh district)


According to calculations by the Institute of Aviation Science of Vietnam, Long Thanh International Airport (Long Thanh Airport), when put into operation, phase 1 will have a capacity of 25 million passengers / year. Total labor force serving the airport in this period is expected to be about 16.5 thousand people. According to the professional training experience of aviation training centers, during and after the training process, the human resources are often lost about 15%. "So, if assuming that the labor force for Long Thanh Airport in this stage 1 is 100% new recruiting, the number of trainees to enter for training is about 18,000 people" - Mr. Do Hong Truong, Deputy Director of the Vietnam Aviation Science Institute said.


Mr. Huynh Van Tinh, Director of the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, said that in recent years, vocational education has always been closely concerned and directed by the Provincial Party Committee and People's Committee of Dong province. Nai aims to promote the rapid development of human resources in the province in the process of international integration and approaching the 4.0 Technology Revolution. Although, there are still some difficulties, but in general, vocational education in the province has made steady progress; The quantity and quality of trained labor has been improved significantly, basically meeting the labor market demand.


Model of design plan for Long Thanh international airport.


In the coming time, the Department of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs will continue to hold seminars to clarify the needs of employers and job training, job creation according to the standards prescribed by the industry. not to serve the project of Long Thanh International Airport as well as to create jobs for children of people whose land is acquired. At the same time, connecting Vietnam Institute of Aviation Science, Vietnam Association of Aviation Science and Technology, employers at Long Thanh International Airport with vocational education institutions in the province. to clearly define the career skills required at each working position serving Long Thanh Airport. Since then, schools have adjusted and updated training programs and modules to meet practical needs.


Duy Minh (Duy Hung)

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