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More solutions needed for an efficient use of the water resources of the New Bridge lake Update 15-09-2020 10:06
The provincial People’s Committee has just issued Plan no. 2,767 on the management, exploitation and use of the water of the New Bridge lake until 2025. The plan aims to safely, effectively, economically manage and exploit the lake’s water sources with the aim of meeting localities and localities and units in the period of 2020-2025.

The New Bridge lake


The provincial People’s Committee asked the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to monitor and instruct the Irrigation Project Exploitation One-Member Co., Ltd (a construction project management unit) to comply with the regulations related to the management, operation and exploitation of the New Bridge lake. The People’s Committees of Cam My and Long Thanh districts have designed detailed plans and methods on the exploitation and use of the lake’s water.


The units using the water from the New Bridge lake must be committed to using the lake’s water according to approved plans and methods to ensure water is exploited and used effectively; comply with the regulations of not exploiting in excess of the registered flow, and simultaneously exploit and use water sources in a spirit of support and sharing water sources with relevant localities and units.


As planned, there are growing needs in both exploitation and use of the New Bridge lake’s water in the period of 2020-2025 and the exploitation and use of water from the lake is aimed at supplying water for agricultural production for the communes in Long Thanh district on an area of 1,198 ha.


For the domestic and industrial water supply in this period, the exploitation flow by 2020 will be 105,931 cubic meters per day; and 120,931 cubic meters per day will be exploited; the exploited water flow will be 131,431 cubic meters per day.


Duy Minh (Dieu Linh)


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