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 Socio-economic potential




Population: 10,867 people and 2,697 households.


Xuan Thien has 9 ethnic minority groups with Kinh ethnic groups occupying 80.1%, Choro ethnic groups 16.2%, and the rest of other ethnic groups like Cham, Khmer, Muong, Ede, Hoa, Nung, Sandiu.

Xuan Thien has such religions as Catholicism, Buddhism, Protestantism, Caodaism, and so on. It has 7,502 people at their working age accounting for 69% of the total population; 6,899 people who have jobs account for 92%;  local labor forces are at a pretty young age; and the percentage of trained laborers gradually increases, achieving 60%.


Types of land:

Total area (ha)

Percentage (%)

Natural land



Land for agriculture



Land for forestry



Special-use land



Housing land



Unused land





Xuan Thien’s products are mainly cultivation and livestock products.

Current business and production activities:

- The area of planting coffee is ​​36 ha, reaching 100% as planned and 100% compared with the same period.

- The area of planting pepper is 34 hectares that produce an estimated yield of 18 quintals per ha.

- The area of planting cashew is 185 hectares, accounting for 100% compared with the same period; cashew fruits are in the harvesting period with an estimated yield of 12 quintals per ha.

- 85 ha is planted with rubber trees, reaching 100% over the same period and 100% as planned with 80 hectares that have been exploited. The price of rubber sap is now increasing higher than that in 2017, and rubber farmers are taking fire-fighting measures in the dry season and providing supplies for the rubber plantations that are ready for sap taking.

- Fruit trees:

+ There are 392 ha of rambutans that are giving fruits on 390 ha and farmers are now watering and fertilizing, and rambutans are in their fruit-producing period.


+ 34 ha of durians reach 100% over the same period and as planned in the flowering and fruit-producing period.

+ 78 ha of other fruit trees like mangoes, grapefruits, oranges, tangerines, avocadoes, jackfruits and so on  account for 100% as planned and 100% over the same period. The prices of jackfruits are over VND25,000 per kg; grapefruits are sold at the price of over VND45,000 per kg; other crops show pretty stable prices; and farmers gain pretty good profit.

- Livestock: the total number of pigs is 7,035 heads, which are mainly processed pigs from livestock farms with a scale of 150 to 1,000 heads per farm. Currently, the price of live hogs stands at a low level and pig farmers are maintaining pig herds at a reasonable number. The total number of poultry is 192.604 heads with 255 households. There are 991 cows and 1,055 goats in total. At present, many households are raising a total number of 23 deers.

For its telephone system, Xuan Thien has so far had one cultural post office and telephone cable has been brought to 2 hamlets and has basically met people’s needs for information and communications.

The total number of telephones is 650 sets per 2,087 households.


Xuan Thien has more than 45 km of roads of all kinds:

+ 25 km of asphalted inter-city roads in residential areas

+ 15 km of gravel-paved roads.

+ The rest of roads are trails.

Xuan Thien has one 6 km of both national highway and provincial roads that run through.

In general, Xuan Thien’s transport system has basically met the needs of daily life and transport of the people in the region and surrounding areas. However, the quality of the roads is poor. Therefore, in the future it is necessary to focus on upgrading existing roads and opening some new strategic routes in order to create favorable conditions to promote the development of the economy.

The present system of bridges and sewers is solidly built by the State with 3 bridges including: Ba Cao, Suoi Da and Suoi Duc bridges.

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