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 Socio-economic potentials




Bau Ham 2 has a total number of 5,307 households and 23,482 people.

People at their working age: 19,217.

The agricultural labor accounts for 21.02%.

The agricultural labor accounts for 21.02%.

The non-agriculture labor accounts for 78.98%.




Bau Ham 2 has a total natural land area of 2,018 ha, agricultural area of 1,814.96 ha, and non-agricultural land area of 203.04 ha.

Xuan Thien’s land use: 100% of its land area has been used including land for agriculture, forestry, industrial production, housing, and transport, public and cultural projects.

The information on Bau Ham 2’s land resources:


- Land resources: the commune’s soil is formed on basalt rock with a relatively high fertility, and is classified according to the following main groups:


+ Black soil group (Luvisols - LV) has an area of ​​742.02 ha, accounting for 36.76% of the natural land area and it is mainly concentrated and distributed in Ngo Quyen hamlet and on a low terrain it can be used for water rice cultivation or for 1 rice-crop and 1 crop cultivation.


+ The group of red-yellow soil (Ferralsols - FR) covers an area of ​1,272.32 ha, accounting for 63.04% of natural land area, and it is mainly distributed on the commune’s low and rolling hills. This is the best hilly land in our country, which is suitable for growing perennial industrial crops such as rubber, coffee, pepper and perennial fruit trees.




Bau Ham 2’s minerals are poor in terms of types and there are only rocks and gravels used as materials for construction, transport and leveling but no other minerals.




There are 2 sites that have been recognized as historical places at the provincial level: Dau Giay rubber plantation and Dau Giay communal house.




Bau Ham 2’s information communications: the commune has 2 district-level post offices and postal agents, which have basically met people’s communications needs and there are 22 Internet service providers all over 5 hamlets.

The density of fixed and mobile phones: 95 telephones/100 people.




The national highways and provincial roads running through Bau Ham 2 are National Highway 1, National Highway 20, and Provincial Road 769:

The total length of roads running through Bau Ham 2:

- National Highway 1: 2.3 km

- National Highway 20: 1.2 km

- Provincial Road 769: 7.9 km


Bau Ham 2’s road system:


Bau Ham 2 has two roads with a total length of 6 km, which are managed by the district and have been asphalted; 5 communal and inter-communal roads with total length of 9.62 km and 100% of roads have been asphalted or concreted; 28 axis of roads in hamlets and villages have a total length of 16,839 km and 100% of its roads have been asphalted and concreted. There are 54 alleys and hamlets with a total length of 12,666 km and 100% of roads have been concreted. There are 6 inter-field main roads with a total length of 3.29 km and the rate of concreted inter-field main roads that has been concreted for motor vehicles to easily travel reaches 100%.


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