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 Socio-economic reality




Xuan Thien now has 2 areas where small markets are mainly met. Although circulation activities are not large, they have partly met the needs of trading and exchanging fresh goods to serve the daily activities of people in 2 hamlets. Besides, types of services have also developed quite well and motorbike repairing facilities, mechatronics, catering services and so on have basically met local residents’ needs.

Industry – small industry and handicrafts: Xuan Thien has 18 industrial and small industry & handicrafts households, which are mainly engaged in milling, making furniture, trading construction materials, processing food, and iron engineering.


Trade - services: in the field of commerce and services there are 114 households doing business in the area of commerce and services with the scale of household business focusing Xuan Thien and Tin Nghia hamlets.




Agriculture: Xuan Thien’s total agricultural land area is 2,870 ha, 1,759 ha of which is for planting State businesses’ rubber trees, the remaining of individual household land. Xuan Thien’s land is mainly for planting rubber trees, pepper, durians, rambutans, cashew, and so on.


Livestock activities have developed rather quickly in terms of both scale and quality and pigs, cows and chickens are mainly raised. There are 685 cows, 3,400 pigs and 56,000 chickens.


And now many households in Xuan Thien are raising goats with a total of more than 20 goats. Initially, goat herds are developing quite well and the total goat population is 362 heads.


In addition to the above-mentioned major livestock animals, some farmers have started to raise pigeons, ducks and geese but the scale is not big.


Fishery: the irrigation system in the period of 2001-2005 was provided with the funding for the construction of Ba Cao dam and 2,341 meters of canals and ditches were concreted like Cay Da dam and so far Xuan Thien has poured capital in the construction of dams 1 and 2, which has created favorable conditions for people to change their crop structure effectively.


Currently, Xuan Thien People’s Committee is directing the officials and people of Tin Nghia hamlet to repair and dredge canals, ditches and dams to better supply irrigation water for crops in the dry season. Xuan Thien People’s Committee directs its officials and people to regularly repair and dredge the system of canals, ditches and dams. Therefore, this can better serve local production and mobilize locals to properly exploit and share underground water sources share to help each other fight against drought for crops.




The activities of businesses and sales facilities have shown their liveliness and a lot of grocercy shops have increased their number and types of items to meet locals’ shopping needs. In terms of business activities, facilities are supposed to comply with legal provisions against counterfeit and poor quality goods, always meet locals’ growing needs for safe and fresh food items. On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, small businesses gathered a lot of goods to serve customers.


Local markets have partly met locals’ needs for shopping and exchanging fresh food items for locals’ more smooth daily life.


Xuan Thien now has 329 households producing and providing handicraft services in the commune.


- Small industry and handicrafts: 34 households, generating jobs for 143 laborers.

- Trading: 280 households, generating jobs for 330 job seekers.


- Services: 15 households, generating jobs for 50 job seekers.



Xuan Thien has 2 junior secondary schools: Tran Phu and Xuan Thien; 2 primary schools: Tin Nghia and Le Van Tam; 1 kindergarten: Xuan Thien; 1 preschool in Binh Loc farm with the number of teachers by grade level as follows:


+ Junior high school: 38 teachers

+ Primary school: 35 teachers

+ Kindergarten: 16 teachers


Basically, local schools’ facilities for all levels of grades have become stable; 100% teaching staff has been standardized; teaching and learning activities have been increasingly improved; students’ graduation rate has increased. Xuan Thien was recognized as a universal secondary education facility in 2003 and the graduation rate of all levels is always 90 - 95%.


In general, the field of education and training has developed well and learning encouragement has been gradually becoming a movement of the whole society.



Xuan Thien has 2 medical stations and midwives, families have evenly distributed in 2 hamlets: Xuan Thien commune health station is located in Tin Nghia hamlet and Binh Loc farm’s medical station is located in Xuan Thien hamlet. Xuan Thien has 2 doctors, 2 midwives, 1 nurse, 2 middle nurses, 1 basic-level nurse and 25 beds.




In the 2001-2005 period, Xuan Thien was paid attention to building a commune cultural center with 6 working rooms, 1 hall and 1 radio station with 5 loudspeaker assemblies, so that the life of literature Chemistry is growing. There are 4 clubs of arts, table tennis, volleyball, martial arts, soccer.


In terms of the telephone system, up to now Xuan Thien has had 1 communal cultural post office and the telephone line has been brought into 2 hamlets, which has basically met people’s information and communication requirements.


Cultural activities: Xuan Thien’s radio station operates quite well and is regularly broadcasting 2 days in the morning with a time of 90 minutes / session, basically giving timely information on both policity and legal provisions of the Party and State as well as local internal information in the socio-economic field.


In addition to information channels like communal communications have achieved 95% that have attracted the attention of both the region and locals.



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