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 Development Orientation


1. Industry:

Tam An commune has a favorable geographical position, both in waterways and roads, adjacent to 2 key big cities of Ho Chi Minh City and Bien Hoa. The commune has an important economic position, with many key projects of the district and province being planned and invested in the commune, such as Long Thanh Industrial Park (485 ha), Tam An Small and Handicraft Industries Cluster (49 ha), Amata Hi-Tech Industrial Park (852 ha), Sonadezi Ecotourism Zone (217 ha), and Golf Long Thanh Expansion Project (61 ha).

This has attracted people from other localities to reside and do business, which is an especially important advantage for the commune to realize the local economic development goals.

lt-ta (12).jpg2. Agro-forestry and Fishery:

Agriculture: 171.42 ha, mainly used for wet rice cultivation. The commune has encouraged people to apply science and technology to production to achieve high productivity of 6 tons per ha. Land for perennials covers 155.59 ha.

3. Trade, Services and Tourism:

Along with the development of Long Thanh Industrial Park, Tam An small and handicraft zone in the field of trade and services also increases, especially accommodation services and sales of essentials for local workers.

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