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 Socioeconomic Potential


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3. Forest resources

Land for perennials covers 151.86 ha, accounting for 90.56 percent of the of agricultural land structure, mainly used to plant trees such as rambutan, durian, jackfruit, mangosteen and apricot flower.

4. Mineral resources

Water is a resource but it is not always irrigation but disaster. Between July and November annually river water levels often stay high, causing floods in August or September. However, floodwaters rise and recede gradually, double floods are rarely seen, and there is no major surge.

There are many minerals underground, which has not been properly explored and evaluated, with the potential being evaluated with initial results. Sand is a surface mineral in the Dong Nai River bed, with high reserves, good quality, and being exploited and used for the construction industry.

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5. Communications

Communication facts: the Internet system has fully met the needs of people.

Mobile phones to total households: 2910 per 2920;

6. Transport

The road system in the commune:

The village road 21 spans a length of 13.5 km, crossing Tam An (Long Thanh district) and Tam Phuoc communes (Bien Hoa city).

Number of km of asphalted roads: 4 km;

All rural, inter-district, inter-commune and inter-village roads have been 100 percent concreted in line with the new countryside standards.

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