binhson : Development orientation Xã An Viễn huyện Trảng Bom

 Development Orientation


1. Industry

The industrial development has strongly impacted and supported the development of the local small and handicraft industries, contributing to satisfying the local development needs and improving the living standards of people in the commune.

In order to further promote industrial and handicraft operation with an aim to make Binh Son an industrial commune of the district, in the coming time there must be policies calling for investment in ​​the district’s planned industrial parks and transport services to increase commercial exchange capability, opening up new business potential for the local services and handicraft industries.

2. Agro-forestry and fishery

The application of new science and technology to agricultural production continues to be fostered to improve the yield and quality of crops and animals. Agricultural services will be developed to create more jobs and facilities for product diversification to increase the agricultural production value per hectare of arable land and increase labor productivity.

The farm economy will be built and developed, and the efficiency and role of cooperatives will be improved during the process of agricultural production, trade and services;

Agricultural development is closely associated with poverty reduction, reducing the gaps in living standards between population groups and between regions in the district.

3. Trade, services and tourism

It is necessary to make land as well as infrastructure available to tab into the sector’s potential and promote the development of trade and services.