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 Socio-economic reality


1. Industry, and Small Industry and Handicrafts:

Industrial parks

The production activities of some typical enterprises in Phu Thanh commune: Tuan Viet leather and shoes company and Duc Thanh 2 leather shoes company have more than 2,500 workers and they are in stable production operation. Phu Thanh’s workforce, industrial potential and industrial development orientation: 5,000 workers in the companies in the commune’s industrial parks.


2. Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery:

The area of ​​agricultural land is 570 ha.

The commune’s agricultural land area is planted with such common crops as rice, wheat, lotuses, vegetables, and ear leaf acacia.

Forestry: 388.78 ha. The development orientation is planting ear leaf acacia.

Fishery: an area of ​​16 ha is for raising natural shrimps and fishes.


3. Services - Trade – Tourism:

Labor structure: 25% of services.

Industry and construction: 55%

Agriculture: 20%.

50 establishments offering room rental services.

More than 120 stores of all kinds.

The year product value: VND20 billion.


4. Education:

The list of schools in Phu Thanh commune:

+ Phu Thanh kindergarten.

+ Phu Thanh primary school.

+ Phu Thanh secondary school.

The number of teachers by grade levels:

+ Kindergartens: 29 teachers.

+ Phu Thanh primary school: 52 teachers.

+ Secondary schools: 29 teachers.


The number of students by grade levels:

+ Kindergarten: 374 children.

+ Phu Thanh primary school: 957 students.

+ Secondary schools: 631 students.

- The reality of educational activities in the commune:

The kindergartens and primary schools that are newly built meet the national standards for the number of students by grade levels.


5. Health:

Phu Thanh ensures the duty at the commune’s medical station and initial medical examination and treatment for locals. In the first half of 2020, 3,044 people have come to the medical station for medical examination including 485 patients for oriental medicine examination and 1,463 for both oriental and western medicine examination; the universal vaccination program has offered 8 doses to 64 children, the third dose of Japanese encephalitis to 64 children and organized a neonatal tetanus program VAT 2 (+) for 67 pregnant women.


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