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 New countryside activities

Farmers dare not to resume their livestock activities due to a lot of risks... (25/09/2020)
About 1 week, Dong Nai’s hog prices have fluctuated from VND94,000 to VND96,000/kg, this price has been at the top in the province’s pig-raising sector so far. However, a lot of households do not dare to resume their livestock activiti...
Warm hearts and ATMs of rice (25/09/2020)
With the spirit of “leaving nobody behind” in the fight against epidemics and with the aim of joining hands to take care of the disadvantaged people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in the province, the research team of Dong Nai Cente...
The value of livestock farm is higher than that of cultivation farms (11/09/2020)
According to the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dong Nai is one of the country’s leading localities in terms of strong grown in farm economic development with more than 3,200 farms, an average value of live...
511 people with meritorious services to the country in Vinh Cuu district re... (11/09/2020)
According to the list for people with meritorious services to the country in Vinh Cuu district, which was just okayed by the provincial People’s Committee according to the State Prime Minister’s Decision no.15/2020/QD-TTg dated April 2...
Vinh Cuu district strives to achieve 100% of important environmental indica... (11/09/2020)
As one of the localities to protect the environment quite well, Vinh Cuu district will, in 2020, focus on achieving 100% of it important targets such as collecting and treating medical, hazardous, non-hazard industrial, and household s...
Grassroots-level assault forces are proactive and effective enough to preve... (11/09/2020)
The National Week on Natural Disasters Prevention 2020 has the theme of “Grassroots-level assault forces are proactive and effective enough to prevent and control natural disasters” to emphasize grassroots assault forces’ active and pr...
More than VND1 billion for supporting the poor and near-poor households in ... (11/09/2020)
According to the province’s portal, on May 18 the provincial People’s Committee approved of the list and funding for supporting poor and near-poor households in Vinh Cuu district according to the State Prime Minister’ Decision no. 15/2...
Loans for businesses, cooperatives and production households to develop agr... (11/09/2020)
The State Bank of Vietnam or SBV has just sent documents on the implementation of the “One Commune, One Product” Program to credit institutions and state bank branches in provinces and cities.
Changes have come thanks to the construction of a new countryside in Vinh C... (11/09/2020)
Thanks to Vinh Cuu’s people’s cooperation and the leadership of the Party and local government, Vinh Cuu was recognized by the State Prime Minister as a district meeting all new rural standards in late 2018.
A commodity-based agriculture is developing (11/09/2020)
According to the Central Steering Committee of the National Target Programs, the country’s agricultural restructuring in the past 10 years has been carried out towards adapting to climate change and market requirements.

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