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 Development orientation



- Bau Sen focuses on carrying out its industrial and handicraft projects, increasing investment, especially encouraging business households to implement small-and-medium-sized small industry and handicraft production projects.

- Bau Sen encourages and creates favorable conditions for businesses and households to develop industries – small industries and handicrafts for rural agriculture, agricultural product processing, mechanics, and so on.



- Bau Sen has actively applied science and technology achievements to transform the structure of major crops, and achieve high economic efficiency. Decreasing area and increasing quality and productivity have sped up the process of rural modernization and industrialization.

- Bau Sen strengthens cooperation programs and types of trade exchanges to seek the output for local agricultural products, help farmers consume their products effectively; encourages the trial cultivation of new crops to improve the value of crops; replicates major crop program models, large sample fields, and agricultural production models of great value on one agricultural land area; develop cattle and poultry livestock towards a safe industry which is far from residential areas to protect the environment according to planning and encourage livestock activities; continue to call for cooperative groups to expand their production activities and services to meet development requirements and then become cooperatives; strengthen agricultural promotion activities to develop agricultural production services and sectors; effectively monitor and proactively prevent and control pests and diseases that are harmful to crops and animals.

- Bau Sen focuses on developing agriculture towards commodity production, efficiency, and sustainability; encourages the development of farm economic models; make a good use of the strengths and potential of a red basalt soil locality which is suitable for industrial trees and special fruit trees; pays attention to restructuring crops, quality and productivity associated with the demand for domestic and export markets; and gradually has rural areas industrialized and modernized.

- Bau Sen improves the operation of Bau Sen Agricultural Services Cooperative; continues to disseminate propaganda activities and call for people to join cooperative groups; and strengthens the State management activities for cooperatives and other cooperative groups to continuously improve the operations of cooperatives and cooperative groups.



Bau Sen develops trade and services towards increasing quality, efficiency and competitiveness; encouraging types of high-quality services; and creating open conditions for potential services and improving services.