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 Socioeconomic Facts


1. Industry

Industry covers an area of ​​346.42 ha, including Go Dau industrial park and 28 companies and factories that are effectively operating and developing. Some typical enterprises include:

- Vedan Vietnam Joint Stock Company;

- Gia Hung Private Enterprise, in building materials;

- Van Phat Private Company, in transportation;

- Kim Phat Private Company, in fertilizers.

Long Thanh district is in the process of implementing the project of building an international airport, which will open up favorable opportunities to Phuoc Thai commune in the future, especially industry, with its available potential, along with the relatively abundant labor force being the momentum to take the industry to new heights, targeted  to reach 50 percent by 2025.

2. Agro-forestry and Fishery

Agriculture: the entire commune has 916.02 ha of agricultural land. There are 6 livestock and poultry farms. Although they have fully implemented disease prevention measures in the past 5 years there have been several epidemics such as swine blue-ear, swine cholera and H5N1.

- Forestry: covering ​​356.98 ha, most of which is used for planting protective forests.

- Fishery: 91 ha of water surface area is used for aquaculture, mainly for shrimp farming, the rest 6.4 ha for freshwater fish farming. In recent years, fishery production has been unstable, due to current water pollution, and unusual weather, causing considerable damage. When with bumper crops, the yield of aquatic products hit 3 tons per ha per crop.

By 2030 Phuoc Thai commune is set to become an urban area, so its agricultural land will only occupy about 10 percent.

3. Trade, Services and Tourism

In the year the value of trade and services reaches 87.2 percent and industry 77 percent. Phuoc Thai commune is set to achieve 38 percent until 2025.

4. Education

There are 5 schools in the commune, including 3 schools of national standards.

One secondary school, with 85 teachers and 2,096 students;

3 primary schools, with 127 teachers and 3,256 students;

One kindergarten, including one main facility and other secondary facilities, with 45 teachers and 430 children.

In order to meet the learning needs of students and people, the commune has built 4 school libraries, and 7 law bookcases located in hamlets’ culture houses.

5. Health

To provide medical examination and treatment for people, the commune has one Health Station with 3 doctors, 3 physicians, one nurse, one traditional physician and one pharmacist. Thereby, in 2014 the commune met the national standards on healthcare.

6. Culture

To satisfy the needs of amusement and entertainment, the commune has built all 7 hamlet culture houses, and one Center for Culture, Sports and Community Learning. The commune has a post office located near the commune center.

Unions and organizations are active in propagating the Party policies and the State law, propagating local socioeconomic political tasks, the historical significance of the nation’s major holidays and national programs, and the missions of unions and organizations.

Cultural activities, performances and sporting events are held to celebrate the nation’s major national holidays.​

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