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 Socioeconomic Potential


1. Laborforce

The number of households in the commune is 7,523 households, including 26,050 people, with 16,663 working age people, including

- 9,164 industrial workers;

- 1,668 agricultural laborers;

- 3,332 commercial employees;

- 2,499 services laborers.

2. Land

Land is currently stably put into use and the whole commune has a total natural land area of 1677.8 ha, including

- Agricultural land: 916.12 ha, occupying 54.6 percent;

- Forestry land: 356.48 ha, accounting for 38.97 percent;

- Specific-use land: 474.63 ha; making up 63.39 percent;

- Residential land: 84.5 ha, occupying 11.29 percent;

- ​​Unused land: 13.08 ha, accounting for of 0.78 percent.

3. Forest Resources

The forest covers 356.98 ha, mainly mangroves for protective purposes, with dense density.

4. Tourist Attractions and Historic Relics

The 11-ha Thuong Chieu Zen Monastery in Hamlet 1C, Phuoc Thai commune, Long Thanh, Dong Nai ​​is a well-known construction. It was built replicating the architecture of Buddhism (Truc Lam Yen Tu) Bac Tong Zen sect.

Every week and every month, visitors from different places come to make pilgrimages and sightseeing, with an average of 2,000 people per week.

In addition, a victory monument was established by people in 2015

5. Communications

Currently the local communications system is relatively developed, with all domestic, local and international news being popularized in the commune via a Radio Broadcasting Station (FM), and has been equipped with 20 loudspeaker clusters including 40 units. There are entirely 10,300 telephones and mobile phones per a total of 7,523 households across the commune.

6. Transport

Phuoc Thai commune is crossed by 5 km of National Highway 51, and has 2 asphalted inter-commune roads and 4 other asphalted roads in hamlets. The commune at present has 3 km of asphalted roads, and 27 km of concrete roads.​

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