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 Socioeconomic Overview


 1. Geographic Location

Phuoc Thai commune is 15 km south of Long Thanh district center, and 55 km from Bien Hoa city, with a total natural area of ​​1,677.82 ha.

Administrative boundaries:

- Its north borders Long Phuoc commune (Long Thanh district, Dong Nai province)

- Its wouth borders My Xuan commune (Tan Thanh district, Ba Ria Vung Tau province)

- Its west borders Rung Sat commune and Thi Vai River (Long Thanh district of Dong Nai province).

- Its east borders Tan Hiep and Phuoc Binh communes (Long Thanh district of Dong Nai province).

2. Administrative Units

To facilitate management, the administrative units of Phuoc Thai are divided into 7 hamlets, including Hamlet 1A, Hamlet 1B, Hamlet 1C, Long Phu hamlet, Hien Hoa hamlet, Hien Duc hamlet, and Hamlet 3.

3. Topography

The commune has a relatively flat topography with slightly divided wavy hills:

- Average slope: 3 degrees

- Relative altitudes: 20-25 m

- Absolute altitudes: 40-60 m

4. Climate

- Phuoc Thai commune is located in the tropical monsoon climate, with 2 distinct seasons namely the rainy season (between May and October) and the dry season (between November and April of the following year).

- Temperatures: the average temperature during the year is 26 0C, the highest temperature is 35 0C, and the lowest is 20 0C,

- Rainfall: because the rain lasts from May to October, the average annual rainfall is quite large from 1900 - 2000 m3 per year.

5. History and Culture

Phuoc Thai commune was established before 1950 by the original name of Thai Thien commune. Having a vibrant patriotic spirit, the locals have gained glorious victories and are conferred the Hero of the People's Armed Forces title by the State.

6. Population

The commune has a total population of 26,505 people with 7,523 households, including:

- By ethnicities:

+ Vietnamese: 7,391 households, with 25,759 people;

+ Tay ethnic group: 7 households, with 42 people;

+ Chau Ro ethnic group: 4 households, with 26 people;

+ Cambodian ethnic group: 22 households with 140 people;

+ Chinese ethnic group: 92 households, with 510 people;

Khmer ethnic group: 7 households, with 28 people.

- By religions:

+ Buddhism majority has 33,563 shrines inside and outside the campus of Thuong Chieu Monastery, with about 3,000 monks.

+ Catholicism has 3 parishes, one isolated surname and 15 families divided equally in 7 hamlets, with about 10,000 parishioners and 3 religious congregations.

+ Protestantism has 2 group facilities, and Phuc Lam Christianity has one pastor.

+ Folk beliefs have 3 establishments.​

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