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 New countryside activities

More solutions needed for an efficient use of the water resources of the Ne... (15/09/2020)
The provincial People’s Committee has just issued Plan no. 2,767 on the management, exploitation and use of the water of the New Bridge lake until 2025. The plan aims to safely, effectively, economically manage and exploit the lake’s w...
Dong Nai announced no more African swine fever cases (15/09/2020)
On March 25, Dong Nai People’s Committee sent a document to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to report on the end of African swine fever in the province.
Aiming at the quality of healthcare services and patients’ satisfaction (25/06/2020)
Life is growing day by day, people’s needs are more and more diverse, and health and healthcare services are requiring more and more improvement.
Strengthening the implementation of solutions for ensuring food safety and ... (24/06/2020)
How to settle the issue of food safety and hygiene that is developing complicatedly and affecting people’s health is always a great concern for every consumer and Dong Nai province has made a lot of great efforts to deal with this issu...
Bringing the Law on Technology Transfer into life (24/06/2020)
Taking effect as from July 1, 2018 to replace the Law on Technology Transfer No. 80/2006/QH11, the amended Law on Technology Transfer adds a number of new issues such as technology appraisal of investment projects; technology transfer ...
Promoting the implementation of Project 1816 in Dong Nai province (23/06/2020)
Over the past years, thanks to the effective implementation of Project 1816 (the project of sending officials from higher-level to lower-level hospitals to give professional support and improve medical examination and treatment), which...
​Improving the treatment efficiency with high-pressure oxygen technology (23/06/2020)
Dong Nai General Hospital has recently introduced high-pressure oxygen technology to treat the disease. This is an achievement of modern medicine with high therapeutic and nursing effects. This method has both healing and nursing prope...
Promoting the research, application and transfer of science and technology ... (23/06/2020)
Being honored to be one of the outstanding collectives of Dong Nai province to be awarded the Third-Class Labor Medal, the Center for Application of Scientific and Technological Advances at Dong Nai Department of Science and Technology...
Improving the application of information technology in the health sector (23/06/2020)
The demand for medical examination and treatment has been constantly growing. To gradually reform administrative procedures, aim at smart hospital management, and contribute to reducing overload at hospitals, in the past years Dong Nai...
Strengthening the implementation of the tobacco control law effectively (23/06/2020)
Vietnam is one of the countries facing a rapid increase in dangerous diseases such as lung cancer, stroke, coronary heart disease, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and tobacco is identified as one of the main causes of these d...

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