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 Development Orientation


1. Industry

In the coming time Cam Duong commune has set a target to develop potential industries such as agro-product processing and garment industries. It is expected that industry will account for some 20 percent of the commune’s economic value.

2. Agro-forestry and Fishery

Currently agriculture accounts for a large proportion of the commune's economy. The next target the commune has set is to promote the cultivation of pepper, coffee and rubber, raise fish in ponds and lakes, and improve low-lying land to grow rice with higher yields. In husbandry, raising pig and cattle in private small-scale farms is growing. The proportion of agro-forestry and fishery in the time to come is expected to account for about 40 percent.

3. Trade, Services and Tourism

At present though trade and services have not developed strongly, in the coming time Cam Duong commune will have detailed plans to renovate 2 trading markets. Thereby, they will promote better business, bringing the share of this sector up to 40 percent of the commune’s total economic value.​