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 Socioeconomic Potential


 1. Laborforce

There are 1721 households in the commune with 9333 people. The number of working age people in the commune is 5,350, of which the majority is agricultural labor, accounting for 89 percent, employees in the commercial sector account for 7 percent, and the remaining 4 percent is for labor in services.

2. Land

The total natural land area in the commune is 1867.66 ha, in which the area of ​​agricultural land covers ​​1,487.74 ha, prominently accounting for 79.7 percent. Forest land accounts for 9.1 percent, with the total area of ​​58.01 ha. Special-use land spans ​​45.97 ha, making up 2.5 percent of the total natural land. The rest, equivalent to 43.89 ha, is residential land, accounting for 2.4 percent.

Land resources in the commune are mostly used for agricultural development, most of which is black soil and gravel soil, at the depth of about 2.3 m deep, with alum and no water in dry season, and uneven distribution. However, it is possible to grow certain crops such as pepper, cashew, coffee, okra, cassava, and rice in some places. Every year the agricultural land brings to the commune some agricultural products of high economic value.

Land use in the commune is relatively effective and there is no unused land. In recent years the area of ​​land used for agriculture in the commune has been relatively stable. In addition, the commune has 501 ha of land located in the planned zone of ​​Long Thanh international airport. There is still no decision on land acquisition.

3. Forest resources

There is 58 ha of land used in forestry, mainly used to grow plants such as Hopea odorata and Golden oak. However, the density is quite sparse due to intercropped cashew. That is why their economic efficiency is not high.

4. Tourist attractions and historic relics

Currently in Cam Duong commune, though there is no famous tourist attraction. But it promises that in the future there will 2 potential tourist attractions by the name Cau Moi Lake where tourism and recreational fishing can be developed and Rock Waterfall, which is very attractive scenery, especially during the rainy season. In the coming time, if the 2 sites are invested, they will be attracting a number of tourists in the future.

5. Communications

To meet the communication needs in the commune, there is currently one post office in the commune. The number of the commune's landline telephones is 910 sets per 1,721 households, which relatively satisfies the communication needs of the commune.

6. Transport

Village road 10 crosses the commune with a section of 3.5 km of 5m-wide asphalted road. The transport system in the commune consists of 5 km of asphalted road and 11 km of narrow and bumpy dirt roads, making traveling difficult.​