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 Socioeconomic Overview


1. Geographic Location

Cam Duong commune is 18 km east of the center of Long Thanh center and 50 km from Bien Hoa city. The natural land area in the commune covers 1861.66 ha, with borders as follows:

- Its north borders Song Nhan commune, Cam My district, Dong Nai province.

- Its south is adjacent to Thua Duc commune, in Cam My district, Dong Nai province.

- Its west borders Binh Son Suoi Trau commune, Long Thanh district, Dong Nai province.

- Its east borders Thua Duc commune and Xuan Duong commune, both of which are under Cam My district, Dong Nai province.

2. Administrative Units

Regarding the existing administrative units, Cam Duong commune is divided into 4 hamlets, including Cam Duong hamlet, Cam Duong I hamlet, Cam Duong II hamlet and Suoi Quyt hamlet

3. Topography

The topography of Cam Duong commune is rectangular type with a slope classified as medium. The terrains are said to be relatively favorable for development.

4. Climate

Located in the Southeastern climate zone, the climate of the whole region in general and the commune in particular is characterized by the subtropical monsoon climate. It is hot and humid climate with 2 distinct seasons namely the dry season and the rainy season. Specifically the rainy season usually lasts from April to November every year. The temperatures are quite high at about 30-35 0C. The humidity is medium, with rainfall reaching about 150-200 mm. The highest temperatures are usually about 37-40 0C, and the lowest 20-27 0C.

5. Culture and History

On April 30, 1975 Vietnam became completely independent, facilitating the consolidation and construction of new villages and communes. One year later, in 1976 Cam Duong commune was established and has developed to date.

6. Population

Currently, Cam Duong commune has 1721 households, with 9,333 people, including about 6 ethnic groups, in which there are typical ethnic groups such as the Vietnamese, Chinese, Chau Ro, Khmer, etc.

Religion: Currently there are 3 main religions in the commune namely Catholicism, Buddhism and Protestantism.

+ Catholicism: There are 2 parishes namely Cam Duong parish and Thanh Tin Suoi Quyt parish. The total number of parishioners is 6,018. It is the religion that attracts the most religious followers.

+ Buddhism: The number of Buddhists in the commune is 524 people. In the commune there is one pagoda, Buu Quang Pagoda.

+ Protestantism accounts for a relatively small number of only about 203 protestants.​