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 Socio-economic reality




The area and operation of the commune’s industrial zones: Dau Giay industrial zone with an area of 176 ha now has 13 companies doing very good business (including 7 foreign companies and 6 domestic ones).


Small industry and handicrafts: Bau Ham 2 has 69 facilities including 10 garment facilities, 4 rice milling facilities, 5 wood processing facilities, 20 engineering facilities, and 30 facilities of other sectors.


The production and business activities of some exemplary enterprises: the companies in Dau Giay industrial zone are operating very well, creating jobs for a lot of countryside workers in the commune; for example, Dong Nai Packaging Company branch produces plastic packaging; Rubber Thread Joint Stock Company V.R.G Sado makes artificial fibers and other products from rubber; DeHeus company branch in Dong Nai produces feed for cattle and poultry; CJ VINA AGRI Co., Ltd produces feed for cattle, poultry and fishery; and RICO Dong Nai Animal Feed Joint Stock Company.


Currently, 1,455 employees are working in Dau Giay industrial zone.




Agriculture: there are 1,624 ha of agricultural land, 1,078 ha of which is for planting rubber trees. Agricultural crops with great advantages such as pepper, cashew, rubber, coffee, bananas, jackfruits, durian, rambutans, avocadoes and so on are planted, too.


Forestry: new scattered forests have been planted on 0.4 ha, and forest protection has been paid attention as well.




The commune’s labor structure: agricultural laborers account for 21.2% and non-agriculture laborers account for 78.98% in terms of the commune’s total laborers.


Trade and services: there are 1,299 businesses in all kinds of services and they are all in good business, bringing back a stable income.


The commune’s tourist attractions and historical sites: Bau Ham 2 has 2 historical sites that have been recognized as the provincial-level historical relics, which are the first rubber plantations of Dau Giay and Dau Giay temple. Every year, 3 ritual ceremonies are held at Dau Giay temple.



The commune’s schools: Bau Ham 2 has 6 schools:

+ Dau Giay kindergarten

+ Son Ca kindergarten

+ Binh Minh kindergarten

+ Phan Boi Chau primary school

+ Tran Binh Trong primary school

+  Ngo Quyen secondary school


The number of teachers for each grade level:

+Kindergarten: 61 teachers

+ Primary school: 82 teachers

+ Secondary school: 46 teachers


The number of students for each grade level:

+Kindergarten: 792 children

+ Primary school: 1,857 students

+ Secondary school: 921 students


The commune’s library: Bau Ham 2 has a library, which is Dau Giay rubber plantation, 1 library in the commune’s culture center, 5 bookcases of law, and 5 hamlet-level culture houses.


The commune’s education: Bau Ham 2 now has 5 national-level schools and is also a locality which has been recognized to meet required standards. Furthermore, on teaching and learning activities are increasingly improved; investment in facilities is paid much attention to; teaching staff is highly and professionally skilled, has many years of teaching experience, and is enthusiastic and dynamic in all aspects.




There are 14 medical workers working for the commune’s health station and they are 1 doctor, 3 physicians, 2 nurses, 1 midwife, 1 pharmacist with a three-year college degree, 5 collaborators and 1 population assistant.


The commune’s medical station is under the district’s health center and is located in Tran Cao Van hamlet. It has 5 beds, providing first aid and midwifery for locals.


The current medical services for people: giving a medical care and treatment to patients and carrying out national health programs and family planning has ensured efficiency. Also, the medical staff always improves their spirit and service attitude, and the activities of medical examination and treatment. Facilities are always guaranteed for medical examination and treatment.




The commune’s cultural house: Bau Ham 2 currently has 1 cultural house, which is a combination between a community learning center and diversified and rich activities.


The commune’s cultural post office: there are 2 district-level post offices and 3 postal agent points, which have basically met local communication needs.


The commune’s cultural activities: there are 5 mini football fields and 1 sports club. Every year, there are always 2 musical nights, 2 sports tournaments and many other cultural and sports exchanges to celebrate national holidays.


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