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 Development orientation



Paying attention to the introduction of training and use of labor resources in order to improve the quality of labor and training occupations suitable to the common needs; develop traditional industries, industries that cause less environmental pollution, clean industries and labor-intensive industries to create jobs for rural labor force in rural areas.


- Regarding cultivation, it will continue to develop along the direction of increasing crop productivity, developing major crops, using new varieties and biotechnology, and at the same time, shifting rational plant structure to bring high economic value. To develop agriculture-rural production in a comprehensive, rational and efficient manner in the direction of commodity production in association with consumption markets, ensuring a sustainable agricultural development. Besides, maintaining and developing the area of ​​fruit trees; to build specialized areas of vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants in Ngo Quyen hamlet, large fields in Ngo Quyen and Nguyen Thai Hoc hamlets, applying scientific and technical advances to produce agricultural products up to safety standards food and bring high economic efficiency.

- Regarding animal husbandry, step by step bringing animal husbandry into the main production sector by mobilizing economic sectors, households to invest in building small and medium farms in concentrated husbandry areas and increasing the size of cattle herds. , poultry towards small and medium farms. Through the application of scientific and technical advances, bringing new high-yielding breeds into production, encouraging and gradually increasing the number of large-scale livestock households and associating with environmental protection. Continue to coordinate the functional departments to complete the project to improve livestock competitiveness and food safety (LIFSAP Project).

- Building, expanding and managing a network of materials and fertilizer agents that meet the quantity and quality to meet the production needs of the people. Improve the professional qualifications for officials from the commune to the hamlet to facilitate the coordination with the units to propagate, guide and transfer scientific and technical advances in production and animal husbandry.

- Continuing to put new plant and animal varieties into production; establish agricultural production areas associated with processing establishments; raising the proportion of agricultural products through preliminary processing and processing, attracting many laborers.

- Concentrating on the implementation of the national target programs on building a new advanced rural to develop agriculture and rural areas such as: Program on clean water and rural environmental sanitation; rural agricultural mechanization program; investment program on biotechnology application in agriculture; agricultural extension program; cooperative economic development program - farm economy ...

- Restructuring agricultural economy towards increasing the proportion of husbandry, gradually reducing the proportion of cultivation; strongly develop the processing industry. Strive to increase the number of households and poultry breeding facilities in the area using good breeds using advanced techniques. Building disease free zones for cattle and poultry.

- Develop a high-yield club model; develop cooperative economy to build models of sustainable production and consumption chain of agricultural products.

- Well performing the role of State management in the field of agriculture such as: Veterinary, Pesticides, product quality, livestock breeds, plants ...


- Trade and service development is a driving force for economic growth of the commune, continuing to create favorable conditions for all economic sectors to invest in building, upgrading and encouraging the development of appropriate types of commercial services. local.

- Strengthen state management of various types of trade, in accordance with the mandated functions and duties. Implementing the process and procedures for granting business registration certificates quickly and simply is done in the form of one door; continue to closely coordinate with functional agencies of the province and district in surveying and proposing consideration and granting of conditional business certificates and business registrations; coordinate with professional agencies in examining the compliance of business registration and post-registration management such as tax obligations, statistical reporting regime, market control inspection.

- Focusing on developing the wholesale and retail markets to meet the daily life and production needs of the people. Paying attention to developing types of trade and services.

- To develop markets linking service points to supply production materials, to purchase agricultural products and foodstuffs, etc., to continue upgrading and building new existing markets under the plans such as: Upgrading of houses in Dau Giay market. , building a new afternoon market in Phan Boi Chau hamlet.
- Regularly update information on the market, prices, production instructions in line with market demand.

- Promote local strengths located along National Road 1A and National Road 20, Provincial Road 769 along with the process of urbanization of some places and the development of Dau Giay industrial zone needs to open up various types of activities. service to meet needs


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