anphuoc : Socio – economic potentials Xã An Viễn huyện Trảng Bom

 Socioeconomic Potential



- The total number of households in the commune is 7,040 families, with 30,193 people.

- Temporary residence: 573 households, with 5,621 people.

 2. LAND

- Natural land area: 3,235.5 ha;

- Agricultural land: 979.78 ha;

- Non-agricultural land: 2,255.72 ha.


Currently, the majority of households in the commune have telephones (including mobiles). Internet is available in 100 percent of hamlets.


- National Highway 51 crossed the commune with the total length of 7 km.

- The length of village and hamlet trunk roads being asphalted or concreted to meet the technical standards of the Ministry of Transport spans 15.59 out of 18.6 km, reaching 85.5 percent.

- The length of alleys and hamlet roads being asphalted or concreted to meeting the standards according to the technical standards of the Ministry of Transport currently spans 33.5 km out of 60.4 km, reaching 55.4 percent.

- The length of communal, inter-communal and hamlet trunk roads meeting "Bright, Green, Clean and Beautiful" criteria reaches 100 percent.

- All rural roads have been checked, cleaned, repaired to ensure traffic safety.

Previously the majority of households lived on farming while others were workers and small traders along the main trunk roads. As An Phuoc commune borders industrial parks such as Long Duc IP, Long Thanh IP, An Phuoc IP, and the construction material production zones, its economic structure has gradually shifted towards industry-trade, and agriculture-services. The population increases rapidly due to the increasing number of migrants coming to work.

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