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 Socioeconomic Reality



There are 1,035 business establishments in the commune, including 10 limited liability companies and 1,025 business and production households.

For example, Lien Hoa Co., Ltd specializing in garment export is based in the commune, creating regular jobs for about 120 workers.

Labor force, industrial potential and industrial development orientation:

At present the local labor force has worked for companies and factories inside and outside the commune.

Industry and small-handicraft industries develop toward linking with agriculture, forming some small-scale agricultural product pre-processing and processing establishments attached with feedstock production areas, which operate efficiently. Small mechanic engineering, building materials, food processing and iron industries continue growing.


Agriculture: The total agricultural land area of ​​the commune is 3,134 hectares, including are 1,560 hectares of agricultural crops and 1,574 hectares of perennial crops.

The animal husbandry develops rapidly in both size and quality. There are totally 50,000 chickens, 4,000 ducks, 50,000 quails, 2,152 cows, 6 buffaloes, 31,846 pigs and 4,617 goats.

Forestry: Every year Xuan Tho Commune develops and implements the plans for forest fire prevention and control, and forest protection and fire prevention promoter teams. The commune regularly popularizes forest protection regulations in the communities living near forests in the form of oral communication integrated into resident meetings in hamlets, and the radio and mobile communication programs to raise locals’ awareness of the importance of forests and the consequences of forest fires; and encouraging people living near the forests to get actively involved in forest protection.

Fishery: The water surface area of lakes and ponds ​​measures 10 hectares.


The commune has 847 trade and services establishments.

There are more than 10 limited liability companies and enterprises and 1,025 individual business establishments. Companies and businesses incrementally increase their scale and turnover every year to meet the demand of production and consumption.



There are seven schools in the commune, namely Nguyen Trai Secondary School, Quang Trung Primary School, Tran Quoc Toan Primary School, Le Lai Primary School, Xuan Tho Kindergarten, Xuan Tho High School Branch.

The number of teachers per grade level:

- Xuan Tho High School: 85 teachers

- Nguyen Trai Secondary School: 80 teachers

- Quang Trung Primary School: 85 teachers

- Le Lai Primary School: NA

- Tran Quoc Toan Primary School: NA

- Xuan Tho Kindergarten: 74 teachers

The number of students per grade level:

- Xuan Tho High School: 1,017 students

- Nguyen Trai Secondary School: 1,157 students

- Primary schools: 1,509 students

Educational facts: The commune was recognized to meet the primary and secondary education universalization standards in 2004. There are currently five (out of five) national standard schools including one preschool, three primary schools and one secondary school.


tram y te xa xuan tho.jpg 

The number of health workers working at the health station: One doctor, two pharmacists, one nurse, one midwife, seven medical collaborators in seven hamlets.

Information on the Communal Health Station: Tho Xuan Health Station was newly built in early 2015 and has been recognized as a national standard heath station with two building blocks spanning 400 m2. There are eight rooms including: one common living room, one drugstore, two maternity wards, and four treatment rooms with eight beds.

Facilities: The station is equipped with necessary equipment for medical examination and treatment, one TV set and one computer set.

Health services for people: Currently the health sector has been vaccinating children with six types of vaccines at an average rate of 98% or higher. Every month medical checkups and treatment for the locals are conducted, with some 700 people per month. In addition, the sector also coordinates with authorities to promote the movements of hygiene for disease prevention, environmental sanitation, and hygiene inspections in schools, markets, eateries, etc.

The population communication plan integrated with family planning is conducted in various forms. The rate of couples using contraceptives is 80 percent. In addition, every month the sector collaborates with mass organizations to prepare nutritious food for 200 children. The rate of malnourished children is 5 percent, down 0.3 percent against the set target.



Information on the Communal Culture House: The Communal Cultural House was built in 2003 on the area of ​​550 m2, located in Tho Chanh Hamlet in the commune center. Facilities: one sound system, including speakers, microphones, amplifiers, TVs; an orchestra, including one set of drums, two electric guitars, and one Cultural House officer. The cultural house is also a space for the community learning center.

Information on the communal Post Office: Currently Xuan Tho Commune is equipped with one telephone switchboard, Internet systems and landline phones covering all seven hamlets, basically meeting the communication need of the locals, helping them access information quickly and accurately.


Cultural activities in the commune:

+ Performances: On the occasion of the Tet and other holidays in the year the commune organizes performance exchange with the mass, schools, art troupes and so forth in various forms.

+ Sports: There are two martial arts clubs of about 100 disciples and one gymnasium club regularly operating and on holidays sports exchange among agencies, units and hamlets in the commune are held in various forms such as football, volleyball, badminton and marathon and so on.

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