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 Socioeconomic Overview


Socioeconomic Overview

1. Geograppy

Lang Minh commune is northwest of Xuan Loc district, crossed by Provincial Road 765, creating favorable conditions for goods circulation and development investment. Lang Minh commune is 10 km away from Gia Ray Town.

Natural land is 1,704 hectares and the commune takes up 2.32 percent of the district’s natural land.

+ It boders with Suoi Cat and Xuan Hiep communes, Xuan Loc in the north.

+ It boders with Xuan Dong and Xuan Tay communes, Cam My in the south.

+ It boders with Xuan Phu commune, Xuan Loc in the west

+ It boders with Xuan Hiep and Xuan Tam communes, Xuan Long in the east.

2. Administrative units

Lang Minh commune consists of four hamlets, including Tay Minh, Dong Minh, Tan Binh I and Tan Binh II.

3. Topography 

The commune’s terrain is common to the Southeastern Region’s. The terrain gradually lowers northward, including three main types of terrains as follows:

- Flat terrains with under 30 slope: with the area of 1,040 hectares, making up 60.75 percent of the total natural land, suitable for agriculture use and infrastructure construction. This type of land is currently used for one or two-crop rice cultivation or annual crop plants.

- Flat and wavy terrains with 3-80 slope: hospitable area of 586 hectares, accounting for 34.23 percent of the total natural land. This land is current used for growing annual plants such as cashew, coffee, fruit and perennial trees.

- Mountainous terrains with over 25 percent slope: occupying 3.15 percent the total natural land. This type of land is currently used for growing cashew and production forest. Due to high slope the soil is less capable of retaining water and susceptible to erosion resort during rainy season.

4. Climate

Lang Minh is located in the Southeastern Region with sub-equatorial tropical climate which is characterized by:

- Temperatures:

+ Average: 300C

+ Highest: 340C

+ Lowest: 25.40C

- Radiation energy:

+ Average: 154 - 158 kcal/cm2/year

+ Sunny: 5.6 - 6 g/day

- High rainfall:

+ Average: 1,956 – 2,139 mm/year

+ Rainy season: between May and Nov.

+ Dry season: between Dec. and April

- Wind: during the year there are main wind directions including northeast monsoon prevailing in dry season and south-west monsoon prevailing in rainy season. Average annual wind speed is 2.0-2.2 m/s

5. History and culture

The commune was established in 1994, separated from the commune of Xuan Hiep

6. Population

Total population: 8,081 people

The number of households: 1,761 families

Lang Minh commune has four religious institutions and one folk belief institution.

Ethnicity: There are 10 ethnic groups living together with 442 households and 2,619 people.

Religion: Lang Minh has a total of 2.272 people who are followers of several religions, including 550 Buddhists, 36 Protestants and six folk believers.
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