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 Socioeconomic Potential



The total number of households in the commune: 1,761 families;

Number of people: 8,081 people;

Number of working age people: 5,355 people;

Industrial labor rate: 38.13 percent;

Agricultural labor rate: 28.26 percent;

Commercial – services labor rate: 33.61 percent; 


The total natural land area: 1,704 hectares

- Agricultural land: 1,562 ha, accounting for 91.66 percent;

- Non-agricultural land: The commune presently has a total of 185 hectares of non-agricultural land, accounting for 10.85 percent of the natural area, including:

+ Rural residential land covering 50.60 hectares, making up 27.35 percent of the non-agricultural land.

+ Specialized land representing 134.4 hectares, accounting for 72.64 percent of the non-agricultural land.

- There are also cemetery land (4.12 hectares), and religious land (0.59 hectares), rivers and streams, and specialized-use water surfaces (31.98 hectare).

Land resources:

- Soil resources: There are 3 types of soil in the commune:

+ The crimson soil group: covering an area of ​​248 hectares, occupying 14.49 percent of the total natural land area of ​​the commune;

+ Dark brown soil group: located in the southwest of the commune, and poor in potassium and phosphorus which need to be added when planting crops;

+ Pumice and volcanic soil: distributed in the south of the commune, consisting of a thin layer of soil and a lot of interleaved rocks, suitable for afforestation;


- Surface water: Lang Minh has an advantage of using water from reservoirs. The irrigation system has been used to irrigate 220 hectares of two-crop rice, 350 hectares of corn and part of vegetables growing areas. There is also the Ray River originating from the northwest, flowing to the southeast; the section passing Lang Minh commune has a length of about 12 km (with about 458.92 km2 of its area within Xuan Loc district), with average flow of 10.6 m3/s. The river bed is steep and lower than the ground level, so self-watering methods cannot be applied, instead, pumping systems are required.

- Groundwater: Lang Minh is located in a region with scarce groundwater. On the red-yellow soil weathered from basalt, groundwater usually appears at the depths of 80 - 120 m, with an average flow of 0.5 – 12 l/s, and with good quality. Currently the groundwater has been effectively exploited for domestic use and irrigation.


- Forest resources: In the commune, there are 34.7 hectares of afforestration land.

- Environmental situation: In general, the commune's environment is still fresh and unpolluted. However, due to the fact of excessive use of chemicals in agricultural production, the unhygienic condition in rural residential areas tends to increase, which may significantly affect the environment in the future.


Main products are commercial rice and corn. There are also pepper, red flesh dragon fruit, green skin pomelo which is delicious,  of quality, and nutritious.


The commune has a mandarin temple which was built 25 years ago. Every year it attracts 15,000 visitors from all over the world who come to visit and pray for blessing and fortune.


Communications facts: The commune has one base broadcasting station, with 18 loudspeaker clusters installed in different residential areas with the average broadcasting time of 2.5 hours/day. Mobile networks and communications networks are covered - the Internet connection cables are installed in most central area.


- Although Lang Minh commune has a smaller natural area than other communes in Xuan Loc district it was passed through by Provincial Road 765, therefore; so it is convenient for goods circulation between Lang Minh and other communes in Xuan Loc district, between Xuan Loc district and Cam My district, Long Khanh town, and Ba Ria - Vung Tau province.

The road system covers most of the commune. At present the commune has a total of 38.38 km inter-commune roads, communal main roads, main hamlet roads and main inner-field roads, of which asphalted or concreted roads have a total length of 33.16 km; main inner -field roads with total length 5.22 km.

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