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 Socioeconomic Reality


Construction and industry production value: VND242,672 million (price comparison to 2010) up by 18.78 percent over the same period of last year;

The commune has a total of enterprises, 73 business households doing business in the fields of industry, small – handicraft industries. The establishments producing, milling, drying agricultural products, cashews, and small-handicraft industries and capital construction for agricultural production have developed stably.


Agricultural production value: VND209,570 million, making up 98.71percent of the plan, an increase of 4.82 percent over the same period (price comparison to 2010), in which cultivation sector reaches VND132.506 million, hitting 103.60 percent of the plan, up 7.05 percent over the same period, agricultural services VND17,364 million, reaching 100.67 percent of the plan, up 7.64 percent over the same period; livestock production VND59,700 million, making up 91.14 percent of the plan, reaching 99.4 percent over the same period.

Implementing measures to prevent and fight against forest fires in the dry season, managing and protecting forests in the commune; afforesting and planting trees with canopy: 2,000 trees (1,000 trees of hybrid acacia, 500 trees of Dipterocarpus alatus , 500 trees of Hopea odorata ), planting additional trees along TL 765 road, on the lands behind Lang Minh market and Lang Minh Culture House, and along the Lang Minh-Xuan Dong route.


The total retail sales of goods reach VND620.165 million (price comparison to 2010), up 15.9 percent over the same period.

Production value of trade and services hits VND111.282 million (price comparison to 2010), up by 11.92 percent over the same period.

Conducting the General Economic Census in 2017: six officials sent to attend training courses on surveying enterprises, individuals, and religion and belief in the district; implementing the plan to survey on enterprises, individuals, and religion and belief in 2017 in the commune; as a result, there were 10 enterprises, 487 individual business households, and five religion and belief institutions.

Currently, there are five enterprises operating in the field of commerce and services and 487 business households (an increase of 22 households over the same period). In general, consumer’s demand for basic necessities in the commune is met; the purchasing power is still stable; the total retail sales of goods are quite high, the items are relatively abundant and diverse, continuing to encourage all economic sectors and people to invest in expanding the rural trade-services network, creating the variety of goods to meet the needs of people's life and agricultural production. Authorities regularly coordinate with the market control team to conduct inspections of booths, counterfeits and poor quality goods and frequently inspect the slaughtering operation at the market. In 2017, 72 inspections were conducted, finding no cases of illegal slaughter.


The commune has four schools including Lang Minh Kindergarten, Lang Minh Primary School, Minh Tan Primary School, and Phan Chu Trinh Secondary School.

- The total number of teachers is 124, including 34 kindergarten teachers, 53 elementary school teachers, and 37 secondary school teachers.

- The total number of classes is 54 with a total of 1,523 students, including more than 439 kindergarten children, over 638 elementary pupils, and 446 high school students.

In 2018, the commune has two more schools that are recognized to meet national standards, raising the total to four schools meeting these standards. Teaching and learning activities are performed well, the establishment of the learning families - learning communities is well implemented.


Lang Minh has one health station: the construction area:​​1,895 m2; a fourth-grade building. Personnel: the total number of health workers in the station, with five beds, is six people including two doctors and health workers (an average of seven health staff per 10,000 people).

Every year, there are more than 7,500 visits and treatments at the station; children are fully immunized; and modern contraception is applied. In addition, disease prevention is well implemented, with meetings and propaganda regularly held on measures to prevent and treat diseases, improving people’s health.


The commune has one Center for Culture, Sports and Community Learning located in Tay Minh Hamlet, four Culture Houses in four hamlets and one Post Office.

Cultural institutions basically satisfy the cultural need of people. The center also has a children playground and a Science & Technology Information Point to make rural science and technology materials and films accessible to people.

Culture, art and sports activities are commonly held during the year on the occasion of major holidays, along with campaign activities of mass organizations.

Every year, the number of households meeting the cultural family standards occupies 99.76 percent or more, and all hamlets are recognized as cultural ones.​

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