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Implementing the traceability project Update 08-01-2020 04:36
“The project of implementing, applying and managing the traceability system” also called Project 100 was okayed by the State Prime Minister on January 19, 2019 with the aim of building and putting into operation the National Product and Commodity Traceability Portal by 2020.

The Project is to improve the system of laws, documents and guidelines on traceability; promote the socialization of traceability related activities for international integration, improvement of the State management, and assurance of the quality and safety of products and goods.


Simultaneously, it is necessary to raise the awareness of the society, agencies, organizations and enterprises of traceability by promoting propaganda activities, dissemination and training for related parties; ensure the publicity and transparency of traceability information of products and goods on the market; and provide the essential information on and knowledge of traceability.


In particular, from now to 2020 it is essential to review the legal documents on management, implementation, application and settlement of the violations of traceability; build and introduce at least 5 national standards and 1 national technical regulation on traceability and applicable guidance documents; deploy and apply a traceability system to a number of domestic groups of products and goods such as agriculture, forestry, fishery, food, and medicine; formulate and put into operation a national product and goods traceability portal.


Implementing the State Prime Minister’s decision, the Ministry of Science and Technology has just sent a written request to Departments of Science and Technology and ask them to implement some contents of the Project.


Specifically, it is necessary to make plans including financial and human resources to implement the project’s contents; disseminate propaganda and advertising activities of the benefits and importance of the Project; implement and disseminate national standards and national regulations on the traceability system, training and sharing experience in applying traceability solutions and technologies of localities; build and develop a necessary technical infrastructure for the local traceability system; make a list of the key products and groups of products to prioritize traceability in their localities according to market demand research, export market priority and requirements for hygiene and safety; and stipulate the required products to apply traceability and an appropriate roadmap on the principle of levels of safety and feasibility and local export market’s requirements.


In addition, it is essential to develop appropriate policies to encourage and attract businesses in the province to invest in building a system of traceability from businesses’ funding and the assistance of the State; assist businesses with their traceability activities; direct the Center for Application of Science and Technology to deploy and apply local traceability technologies and solutions.


Duy Minh (N. Lan)


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