baohoa : Socio – economic potentials Xã An Viễn huyện Trảng Bom

 Socioeconomic Potential



Total households in the commune: 2,720 families

Number of people: 13,041 people

Number of working age people: 7,801 people

+ Rate of industrial labor: 21.46 percent

+ Rate of agricultural labor: 51.18 percent

+ Rate of trade-services labor: 27.36 percent

 2. LAND

Total natural land area: 1,781.19 ha

Agricultural land area: 1,607.87 ha – making up 90.26 percent

Residential land area: 102.82 ha - 5.78 percent

Current land use: In general, land in the commune is utilized thoroughly, land use structure is divided relatively properly, suitable to the commune’s conditions and features.

The commune has two main groups of soil which is divided into 7 types of soil.

 - Red yellow soil group: covering is 315 ha, accounting for 17.34% of the natural area, including 3 types of soil: clay-erosive permeable red soil, clay-erosive red yellow soil and red yellow soil with shallow and thick strata on basalt.

 - Dark brown soil group: covering 1,453 ha, accounting for 80.12% of natural land, including 4 types of soil: permeable brown soil with low strata on basalt, permeable brown soil with deep rock layers on basalt, gley brown soil with shallow and thick strata on basalt.

Rivers and streams: 46 hectares.

Use purpose: for agriculture, favorable for planting short-term, annual and perennial crops.

 - Income generation: 90 – 100 percent of cultivated area.


Bao Hoa is located in an area with a little reserve of groundwater. The areas located on red yellow soil weather from basalt and groundwater is usually present at the depths of 25-30 m. In other areas groundwater usually occurs at the depths of 80-120 m, with an average flow rate of 0.5-1.2 l/s, and with good water quality. Currently groundwater is being exploited for domestic use and agricultural production.


Communications facts: The commune has one base radio station and 35 loudspeaker clusters are installed at  residential areas with the average broadcasting time of 3 hours per day. Mobile networks and communications network ensure their coverage while Internet connection lines have been installed in most of the central area.


The commune is crossed by National Highway 1A with 3.8 km in length, creating favorable conditions for goods flow and passenger transportation.

The road system almost covers in the commune. Currently the commune has a total of 26.3 km of inter-commune roads, communal roads, village main route, village roads and inner-field main roads, of which asphalted or concreted roads have a total length of 19.27 km. Inner-field main earth roads have a total length of 7.03 km.
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