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 New countryside activities

The agricultural sector is to accelerate its restructuring to overcome chal... (23/03/2020)
2019 was considered a year as the agricultural sector was faced up with numerous difficulties and challenges, especially the diseases on crops and livestock like African swine fever, cassava mosaic disease, fall armyworms, and so on.
Bien Hoa city’s having completed the task of building a new countryside and... (17/03/2020)
On June 26, the provincial People’s Committee held a ceremony to announce the Prime Minister’s Decision on recognizing that Bien Hoa city has completed its new countryside construction tasks and the National Standing Committee’s resolu...
74 poor households have gained an access to entrusted loans (17/03/2020)
Bien Hoa city’s Youth Union said, to evaluate the implementation of the loan program for poor households and other government policy beneficiaries in the first 4 months of the year and the implementation of loan-making projects, the St...
The Project on “Developing urban agriculture in the southwestern region of ... (17/03/2020)
The Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee signed a decision to approve of the implementation of the Project on “Developing urban agriculture in the southwestern region of Dong Nai province to 2020 with a vision to 2030”.
More than 15,000 households have segregated domestic waste at source as req... (17/03/2020)
According to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, in June 2019, 40 communes and wards in 11 districts and cities have segregated domestic waste at source. The total number of participating households is more than 29,000...
More than 500 women’s union officials and members provided with the informa... (17/03/2020)
Implementing Plan no. 102/KH-TCKT dated April 25, 2018 on the implementation of the second phase of the provincial Party Executive Committee’s Conclusion no.43-KL/TU dated September 30, 2016 on the Project of “Strengthening the leaders...
Bien Hoa city has 3 communes with livestock activities (17/03/2020)
According to the Division of Economics of Bien Hoa city, to follow the roadmap to stop the city’s livestock activities Bien Hoa has stopped raising its cattle and poultry raising activities in 27 wards and communes and 3 communes that ...
Offering training to and transferring science and technology to youth union... (17/03/2020)
In recent times, the Standing Committee of Bien Hoa city’s Youth Union offered a training course to and transferred the science and technology in the agricultural sector in 2019 with the theme of “The model of growing mushrooms” to 100...
Improving the control of food quality of the food safety self-inspection sy... (13/03/2020)
With the aim of guaranteeing food safety in canteen kitchens and school canteens, and preventing and minimizing food poisoning in local schools, it is necessary to establish links between the health sector and the education and trainin...
Bien Hoa city held an enlistment ceremony in 2020 (13/03/2020)
On the morning of February 12, Bien Hoa city and other localities in the province formally organized an enlistment ceremony in 2020. This year, Bien Hoa is chosen as a place for holding the enlistment ceremony for all the province.

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