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 Socio-economic reality


1. Agriculture: the commune’s agricultural land area, crops of advantages, and cattle and poultry livestock activities: durians, rambutans, rubber, coffee, mangosteens and jackfruits.

2. The year’s product value:

Agriculture: 2,365.

Construction and Industry: 420.

Trade and Services: 1,175.

The reality of trade and services: the sector is stable and shows development needs and the value of the trade and services in 2020 reaches VND24.58 billion.


3. Education:

The commune’s school list:

Chu Van An secondary school.

Nhon Nghia primary school.

Binh Minh private kindergarten.

Hoa My kindergarten.

The number of teachers by grade levels:

Secondary school: 49 teachers.

Primary school: 29 teachers.

Kindergartens: 8 teachers.

The number of students by grade levels:

Primary school: 524 students.

Secondary school: 841 students.

Kindergartens: 161

The reality of the commune’s education: completing the universal education program for secondary school students and primary school education for right-age students.


4. Health: there are 6 people working including 1 doctor at the commune’s medical station.

The information of the commune’s medical station: it has met national medical standards.

The reality of medical services for people: giving initial medical examination and treatment to people and vaccination.


5. Culture and Information: the commune’s culture house is located at hamlet 4, Nhan Nghia commune and is operating effectively.

The cultural activities of the commune: there are 8 out of 9 cultural hamlets; cultural families account for 98%; 7 out of 7 agencies are recognized to meet cultural culture requirements; cultural and sporty activities are well maintained.