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More than 500 youth union members took part in the ceremony to launch the Green Sunday campaign Update 07-08-2019 10:43
Nhon Trach district’s Youth Union held a ceremony to launch “Green Sunday” campaign in response to the “Pink Holiday” “Green Journey” campaigns with the participation of more than 500 youth union members.

More than 200 green trees were planted along Pham Thai Buong street


Nhon Trach district’s Youth Union offered 10 gifts to government-policy beneficiary families, donated 2 water tanks to disadvantaged families, and gave 200 canary trees worth VND21 million to Phuoc Khanh commune at the launching ceremony.


After the launching ceremony, the youth union members and youth of Nhon Trach district joined hands clearing bushes, cleaning up the environment, and planting 200 trees along Pham Thai Buong streets and in the administrative units of Phuoc Khanh commune; and offering training on defense skills to youth union members. At the same time, youth union members paid a visit to and gave gifts to 2 Vietnamese heroic mothers Le Thi Xe and Dang Thi Ky.


In addition, the Standing Committee of the district’s Youth Union directed grassroots-level youth unions of 12 communes to organize the “Green Sunday” campaign with such practical activities as cleaning up the environment, clearing houses of compassion, giving gifts to households with difficult living conditions, offering scholarships, and so on.


Water tanks are offered to families with financial difficulties


Launching the “Green Sunday” activities aims to promote the volunteer spirit of youth and to join hands in protecting the environment. Simultaneously, it is necessary to widely disseminate propaganda activities to people through such specific actions as contributions to the building of a green - clean - beautiful environment.


Duy Minh (T. Lien)


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