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 New countryside activities

Strengthening the inspection, control and treatment of smuggled red crayfis... (12/08/2019)
Lately, the smuggling of crayfish into Vietnam over the border has increased.
Nearly 12,500 pigs destroyed because of African swine fever (12/08/2019)
According to Dong Nai Department of Livestock and Veterinary Medicine, on June 12 4 districts in Dong Nai province like Trang Bom, Nhon Trach, Vinh Cuu and Long Thanh had their pigs infected with African swine fever and the total numbe...
58 facilities had violations during the action month for food safety (12/08/2019)
Throughout the action month for food safety, Dong Nai Steering Committee for Food Safety and Hygiene organized 190 delegations, conducted inspections at more than 4,600 the makers and suppliers of food and drink services and street foo...
Creating smart devices for teaching (12/08/2019)
Along with the development of science and technology, it is an inevitable trend to apply modern technology in the educational process. From teaching a class with e-lesson plans, there have also appeared new teaching technology devices ...
Preventing and fighting with mosaic disease on manioc leaves and autumn arm... (12/08/2019)
Just over 3 weeks after its appearance, the corn-growing area in Dong Nai province attacked by autumn armyworms has reached nearly 280 hectares, causing serious damage to people. Besides, the mosaic disease on manioc leaves in Dong Nai...
The support policies for cooperatives carried out effectively (12/08/2019)
Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Quoc Hung said, to implement the State Prime Minister’s decision on the support policies for developing cooperatives, Dong Nai People’s Committee directed the innovation and dev...
The outbreaks of dengue fever on the increase (07/08/2019)
Only in the first week of this July, more than 500 dengue fever cases were recorded in Dong Nai province.
A blackboard integrated with a lot of features invented (07/08/2019)
Along with the development of science and technology, applying modern technology in the educational process is an inevitable trend. In addition to the appearance of electronic lesson plans in classrooms, such new teaching technologies ...
Measures to prevent and control African swine fever to be taken drastically... (07/08/2019)
According to a report by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, African swine fever has occurred in more than 3,000 communes, wards and townships of 52 provinces and cities, and more than 2 million pigs were forced to be de...
More than 500 youth union members took part in the ceremony to launch the G... (07/08/2019)
Nhon Trach district’s Youth Union held a ceremony to launch “Green Sunday” campaign in response to the “Pink Holiday” “Green Journey” campaigns with the participation of more than 500 youth union members.

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