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The First Phase of Periodical Vaccination for Cattle and Poultry in 2014 Achieved Pretty Good Results Updated10-06-2014 02:52
According to the provincial Veterinary Department, the first phase of the periodical vaccination for cattle and poultry in 2014 achieved pretty good results. In particular, avian influenza vaccine for chicken and ducks accounted for 97 percent and 90.4 percent, respectively and cholera and blue ear pig vaccine reached 94 percent.

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The rate of vaccinated cattle and poultry is pretty high, contributing to improving disease prevention and control

In addition, foot and mouth disease vaccine for the poor households’ cattle, pigs, and goats and sheep accounted for 93.3 percent, 98.7 percent, and 96 percent, respectively; and haemorrhagic septicemia vaccine for water buffaloes reached 93.3 percent.

In addition to periodical vaccination times, additional vaccination activities are regularly carried out. In the first half of 2014, the provincial Veterinary Department gave foot and mouth disease, blue ear pig disease, cholera, haemorrhagic septicemia, and typhoid vaccine to 977,700 pigs; and Newcastle disease, Gumboro, and avian influenza vaccine to nearly 3 millions of poultry.

In addition, to respond to the prevention and control of the diseases on cattle and poultry, the Veterinary sector have provided more than 6,500 liters of disinfectant for the veterinary units that are in charge of disinfecting and sterilizing cages and ranches.

Duy Minh (Thanh Canh)

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