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200 Livestock Facilities Certified to Be Free of Diseases Updated10-06-2014 09:33
According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, up to now 200 livestock facilities including 103 chicken farms and 97 pig ones have been certified to be free of diseases by the Veterinary Department at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.


The province’s total chicken herds of have reached approximately 12 million with a livestock farming accounting for 85.8 percent

In the first half of 2014, 5 pig farms will be evaluated for the first time and 26 chicken ones will be re-evaluated.

It is known that there are approximately 1,212 pig farms, accounting for 60 percent of total herds, and more than 300 chicken farms, accounting for 85.8 percent of total herds.

Having livestock facilities certified to be free of diseases will contribute to better improving disease prevention and veterinary and environmental hygiene, and helping consumers use the foods that meet all the requirements for safety and hygiene, thereby making the livestock sector grow in a steady and sustainable manner.

Duy Minh (Thanh Canh)

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