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Long Thanh Starts the Implementation of the Modern “One Door and One Connecting Door” Model Updated27-05-2014 08:50
Not long ago, Long Thanh district People’s Committee held a ceremony to announce the introduction of the modern “One door and one connecting door” model at the district’s result reception and return unit.

Long Thanh is the 4th locality in the province to introduce the “one door and one connecting door” model after the city of Bien Hoa, and Trang Bom and Nhon Trach districts.

The head office of the district’s modern “one door and one connected door” unit was built on the basis of having the district’s previous head office to receive and return results renovated and upgraded. The new head office with the state-of-art device, which meets all the requirements for the “one door and one connecting door” model, is built on an area of up to 150 sqm. This will be a place to receive the applications in 8 areas: justice, culture, employment policy, taxation, business registration, water resources, environment, construction, land, and so on.

As planned, this model will be applied at the People's Committees of the districts in Dong Nai province at one time.

Duy Minh (T. Lien)

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