longtho : Socio – economic potentials Xã An Viễn huyện Trảng Bom

 Socio-economic potentials


1. Labor source:

Long Tho’s total number of households: 1,697 and a population of 7,289 people.

Industrial laborers: 50.4%.

Agricultural laborers: 24%.

Trade and services laborers: 21.6%.

 The above data indicates that Long Tho’s labor resources are quite abundant, and mainly focus on the industrial sector.


2. Land:

Total natural land area: 24,275 ha, accounting for 5.91% of the district’s total area.

Agricultural land area: 13,756 ha.

Forest land area: 3,031 ha.

Special-use land area: 5,626 ha.

Residential land area: 346 ha.

Unused land area: 1,513 ha.


The current status of land use: Long Tho commune has 2 main types of land: agricultural and non-agricultural land with agricultural land having the largest labor structure ratio in the commune and belonging to individuals and households.


At present, Long Tho’s ​​unused land area is still large, so the commune’s levels of Party Committees and authorities are proposing a number of measures to bring benefits back to the commune.

The commune’s land resources: groups of sea sandy soil, acid sulphate soil, and gray soil.

Distribution area: the commune’s eastern and southeastern part.


Purpose of use: the group of sea sandy soils is suitable for planting melaleuca and rice plants in lowland areas; the group of acid sulphate soil is suitable for planting rice plants or making beds for planting fruit trees; and the group of gray soil is suitable for planting fruit trees and annual crops and has a high compression which suits traffic constructions and industrial zones.


3. Forest resources:

Long Tho’s total forest area is 493.26 ha.

Types of trees for planting forests include mangroves, melaleuc, Acacia auriculiformis and eucalyptus.

Density: planted forest trees account for 25.55% of agricultural land and 20.32% of the commune’s total natural area.

Economic efficiency: forest wood is used as materials for wood processing, for household use purposes, and as fuel.


4. Mineral resources:

In addition to its land resources and forest resources, Long Tho has such minerals as sand, and sand exploited from Thi Vai river.

Mineral storage sites: Large Field and Thi Vai river.

Currently, Long Tho has had no exploitation measures.


5. Tourist attractions and historic sites:

At present, Long Tho has 2 historical relics: The Martyr’s Temple and the Martyr’s Tunnel in Nhon Trach district. The commune’s tourism is underdeveloped, and there are no tourists to the commune.

The commune’s orientation in the future: the socio-economy from 2006 to 2010: industry, services and agriculture.


6. Communications:

The current status of the commune’s communications:

- Landline telephones: 550.

- The total number of telephones is 550/ 1,697 households or equivalent to 0.32 phone/household and the commune’s means of communication are still few and fail to meet people’s requirements for information.


7. Transport:

The commune’s current transport road system:

Road 319 – 6 km, asphalt Long Tho – Phuoc An road.

Road 12 - 890 m, asphalt and concrete Long Tho - Ba Ky Long Phuoc road.

Mit Bridge Road - 870 m, internal Bitumen asphalt road.


Long Tho’s roads are in a quite good condition and there are many asphalt roads that are convenient for people’s travel.


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