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More than 100 Units of Blood Received Updated19-06-2014 02:50
Bien Hoa City Red Cross in coordination with Cho Ray Regional Blood Transfusion Center, Ho Chi Minh City has organized a voluntary blood drive at Bac Hai Parish in Ho Nai Ward (Bien Hoa city).
hien mau Ho Nai.JPG

 Participate in the voluntary blood drive

More than 150 Catholics in Bac Hai Parish came to the drive to donate their blood and over 100 of them are healthy enough for blood donation, as shown by the results of the screening. The blood drive aims to respond the 2014 summer campaign "Nhung Giot Mau Hong” (pink blood drops) launched by the Steering Committee for Voluntary Blood Donation on the recent June 14, the blood donor day.

Thanh Van (Dieu Linh)

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