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Healthcare Services during the University and College Entrance Exam 2014 to Be Ensured Updated17-06-2014 09:27
To preserve the good health of the examinees and examiners during the coming university and college exam (Phase 1: July 4 and 5; phase 2: July 9 and 10; and phase 3: July 15 and 16), Dong Nai Department of Health has written a request to the directors of hospitals and preventive medicine centers and to the head of the Food Hygiene and Safety Department and asked them to cooperate to ensure good healthcare services throughout the university and college entrance exam 2014.

phuc vu thi.jpg

Medication and medical equipment for the exam are being checked out

Accordingly, Department of Health director Huynh Minh Hoan asked units and organizations to ensure a medical and disaster emergency to prevent diseases and keep food hygiene and safety during the university and college entrance exam 2014.

Also, he asked each hospital to get 2 to 3 sickbeds, medication, and medical equipment ready to receive walk-in patients and emergency cases, and to cooperate with the Department of Education and Training in sending the medical staff to the exam councils if required; and the province Center for Preventive Medicine and Department of Food Hygiene and Safety to supervise exam councils and ensure food safety, and prevent and control diseases.

Duy Minh (Dieu Linh)

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