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Chemicals to be Sprayed on Large Scale to Prevent Dengue Fever Updated11-06-2014 03:25
To prevent dengue fever that often increases complicatedly in the rainy season, Dong Nai Provincial Health Department has sent an official document on strengthening the prevention of dengue fever to its units, local health authorities and health centres of districts and townships.

 Director of Health Department has required chemical spray to be introduced thoroughly if an outbreak is detected

Accordingly, the Director of the Department of Health Huynh Minh Hoan has required that, the provincial Center for Preventive Medicine and health centres of districts and townships strengthen the monitoring of dengue fever outbreaks and that if any outbreak is detected, chemical spray should be introduced thoroughly, to prevent widespread epidemics in the community. He noted that, it was essential to provide training and instruction on the prevention to health collaborators and health workers; launch wriggler eradication campaigns, once a week in high risk areas and once a month in other areas.

The Director of Health Department has also requested that, hospitals and clinics  prepare enough medicines and equipment in case the epidemic breaks out and that the Center for Health Education and Communications promote the communications on dengue fever prevention in the community.

Thanh Van (Dieu Linh)

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