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 Socioeconomic Potential


1. Laborforce

Total households in the town: 6,678 families

Number of people: 33,279 people

Number of working age people: 25,648 people;

2. Land

Total natural land area: 928.36 ha

- Agricultural land: 496.15 ha

- Forest land: 41.48 ha

- Specialized land: 180.68 ha

- Residential land: 189.45 ha;

Information about land resources of the town (if any):

- Names of land resources: Gray soil and acid sulfate soil

Distribution: low-lying areas.

- Natural resources: distributed in low-lying terrains

Purpose of use: used for agricultural crops.

- Income sources: creating a stable source of income for farmers specializing in agricultural cultivation.

3. Tourist attractions and historic relics

Relic name: Phuoc Loc communal house

Address: ​​Cau Xeo zone.

About the relic:

• Locals call it Phuoc Loc communal house, because the house has existed for a long time since the establishment of Phuoc Loc village. People gave the village name to the communal house and so the name Phuoc Loc communal house is passed down to date.

• Phuoc Loc communal house previously belonged to Phuoc Loc village, Thanh Tuy district, Long Thanh district, Phuoc Long zone, Bien Hoa town, today in Cau Xeo zone, Long Thanh town, Long Thanh district, Dong Nai.

•  At Vung Tau intersection, follow National Highway 51A (towards Vung Tau) to Km 61, Long Thanh town, turn right to village road 769 (Cat Lai ferry direction) about 600m is to meet Phuoc Loc communal house. The house is located right on the road side covering ​​more than 10,000 sq. m in the center of Long Thanh town – an area of dense population, who mainly lives on farming and trading.

• Phuoc Loc communal house belongs to a relic type of historical, architectural, artistic and folk beliefs.

• Phuoc Loc communal house has been issued by Dong Nai Provincial People's Committee Decision No. 2368/QD-UBND dated 30/07/2007 recognizing and ranking it as a historical architectural artistic relic of the province.

Development orientation:

• The noble board of communal house has always termites and mites checked, leaks prevented, and weeds cleaned. It is interested in fire and explosion prevention and the local historical architectural cultural artistic relic preservation.

• Also, Phuoc Loc communal house management board coordinates with the Culture, Sports and Tourism Department of Dong Nai to develop a project of rational exploitation in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Cultural Heritage, utilizing the income sources for the relic’s management, preservation, embellishment and organization.

4. Transport

National highways and provincial roads crossing the town:

• Highway 51A (Le Duan Street), National Highway 51B.

• Provincial Road 769.

Number of kilometers crossing: 4 km of highways including 51A and 51B; and 5 km of provincial road;

Facts of the road system in the town:

• Highway 51B is being upgraded and expanded into a bypass of Long Thanh town.

• The section crossing the Long Thanh - Dau Giay expressway of Provincial Road 769 is also being upgraded and expanded.

Number of asphalted length: a total of 9 km.