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 Socioeconomic Facts


1. Industry

The operation of some typical enterprises: a total of 136 companies, including:

Ngoc Minh Anh Co., Ltd, Thien Kim Trading Service Co., Ltd, Toan Khanh Hung Co., Ltd, and Hai Cai One Member Co., Ltd.

Workforce, industrial potentials and industrial development orientations of the town:

- As of September 2012, the whole town had 25,648 laborers, accounting for 77 percent of the total population. Abundant workforce meets the needs of businesses inside and outside the town.

Industrial potential: there are mainly certain types of commerce and services while there is no industrial zone in the town.

2.  Agro-forestry and fishery

Agriculture: the area of ​​agricultural land in the town, crops (fruit) with agricultural advantages and the cattle and poultry raising in the town;

- The area of ​​agricultural land in the town is 587,6976 ha.

- Crops include wet rice and short crops.

- Husbandry includes chicken and pig raising.

Forestry: the area of ​​land devoted to forestry, and the town's situation and development orientation for the forestry sector (if any):

The area of ​​forestry land in the town is 113.924 ha.

Fishery: water surface area for aquaculture, annual catches and development orientation: Area of ​​water surface for aquaculture is 6.763 ha.

3. Trade, services and tourism

Labor structure; current state of services and commerce in town; product value in the year:

The total number of employees aged over 14 is 25,648, accounting for 77 percent of the total population. In recent years there has been a shift in the labor structure toward trade and service sector. In the future, along with general development, the labor force quality needs to be improved, thereby meeting demand and solving employment problems for the town's workforce.

Tourist attractions, relics, and development orientation of tourism industry (if any): in Long Thanh town there is one historical relic by the name Phuoc Loc Communal House.

4. Education

List of schools in the town:

• Kindergartens: Long Thanh Kindergarten, Hoa Mai, Hoa My, Sao Mai.

• Primary schools: Cau Xeo, Long Thanh A, Long Thanh B.

• Secondary schools: Long Thanh town secondary school, Nguyen Duc Ung junior high school.

• High schools: Nguyen Dinh Chieu High School, Long Thanh High School.

Number of teachers by grade level:

• Preschools: 33 teachers

• Primary schools: : 136 teachers

• Secondary schools: 19 teachers

• High schools:  NA;

Number of students by grade level:

• Preschool: 347 children.

• Primary schools: 3,466 students

• Secondary schools: 3,249 students.

• High schools: NA;

5. Health

Number of medical staff working at the town’s Health Station: 8 people;

Information about the town's Health Station: the station is based in Phuoc Hai, Long Thanh town.

Medical services available to people:

• Family planning practicing

• Adult and children's health insurance

• Disease management: TB, HIV prevention, diabetes, people with disabilities

• Epidemic and local disease prevention

• Physical checkups for local students;

6. Culture

Information about the town's Cultural House: The Community Culture & Learning Center is located in Phuoc Hai, Long Thanh town. The center is a place to organize community learning classes such as culture, sports, art, etc. Community learning classes such as dancing, Southern amateur music, singing and dancing are regularly opened at the center.

Cultural activities in the town: Long Thanh town is always leading the cultural activities in the district. Currently the town has one Community Learning Center, which is a place to organize community classes such as dancing, and Southern amateur music for the townspeople.

Inspection operation: Cultural officials regularly conduct inspection of sensitive businesses such as karaoke, and massage services.