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Accompanying young people to begin a career and start up a business Update 12-06-2020 04:29
In the past years, the movement of “Accompanying young people to begin a career and start up a business” in the province has been paid attention to by various levels of youth unions and has witnessed a wide spread.

The youth union of Nhon Trach district has made loans to young people to start up their businesses


All levels of youth union have implemented the project of “Giving career consultancy and introduce jobs to youth and teenagers in the period of 2018-2022”, focused on the social issues that young people are currently interested in such as counseling; introducing the jobs that suit needs; coordinating with localities to update vocational training methods of vocational education centers and youth employment services; promote the organization of communications activities on startup; offer training courses and training on startup knowledge to youth union members; and hold many contests on startup ideas.


According to a report by Dong Nai Youth Union, in the past years the provincial Youth Union has coordinated to hold three job exchanges in Trang Bom and Long Thanh districts attracting the participation of 1,059 young people; coordinated to organize a session to give counseling on jobs, and professional training on how to manage loans under the management of the trust fund from the Social Policy Bank; and offer training on poverty reduction to youth union members.


Also, levels of the district’s authorities have coordinated with vocational training centers to give counseling and vocational advice to young people, thereby holding 8 job exchanges and 11 vocational training classes for young people. During the year, job counseling has been given to 88,748 arrivals of youth and teenagers and jobs have been introduced to 10,680 young people. Particularly, more 7,000 people were able to find their jobs, which are mainly concentrated in the localities where new industrial clusters such as Tan Phu, Dinh Quan and Long Khanh are being built; and the unit in charge of the construction of Long Thanh International Airport.


The model of growing Tet flowers of Nhon Trach youth


The provincial Youth Union always pays attention to focusing on supporting young people to do business and increase their income, getting rich with legitimate rights, organizing many forums and training classes according to each locality and individual’s registration needs. Through the idea exchange floor three projects have been supported


Simultaneously, 10 training courses on transferring science and technology in the area of agriculture were also organized for 10,120 youth union members, youth and people in the province and three refresher courses on knowledge and training on how to start up a business, form business ideas, and so on were offered.


In addition to replicating good business and production clubs and models for youth union members and young people in rural areas to learn from, exchange ideas and share good and effective methods in business and production, the provincial Youth Union is maintaining the “Accompanying the youth” fund to help rural youth to have conditions to develop economic models. The projects to make loans to rural youth’s starting up businesses made  loans from VND20 to VND25 million with an interest rate of 0 and a loan term from 24 to 36 months.


Thanks to practical assistance, the number of young people that is successful in starting up businesses is increasing. In 2019, the provincial Youth Union made “Accompanying the youth” Fund loans to 6 youth union members. In addition, the provincial Youth Union coordinated with the Social Policy Bank to maintain the operation of 194 “saving and loan-making groups” managed by the Youth Union with a total outstanding loan of over VND198 billion for 8,472 borrower households. A number of start-up models have become successful thanks to their loans, which has created conditions for youth to join hands in increasing their income.


Inheriting the land area of ​​more than 2,000 sqm for planting durian and mangosteen trees from his family in 2015, Mr. Pham Thanh Trung, Vice Chairman of the Youth Union of Bao Binh commune, has tried to seek for a lot of methods and learn experience from documentaries, science and technology films from science and technology information points, and special theme talks on durian trees held by the commune’s committees, sectors and unions. And then Trung has boldly borrowed VND60 million from the Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development to invest in and tend his durian orchards, thereby increasing his income up to VND150 million/year.


More than 4 years ago, when he was only 22 years old, Dinh Nguyen Quoc Bao in Quang Trung commune, Thong Nhat district asked his family for nearly 2 available hectares of durian and grapefruit trees in the orchard to start up his business in his hometown. Thanks to his own knowledge of tending plants, improving knowledge, and learning experience from training classes on agricultural promotion and from his  family his durian orchard has been highly productive. In the past two years, his model has been able to earn an average of nearly VND400 million every year.


Duy Minh (P. Nga)


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