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Nhon Trach district strives to reduce poverty rate Update 12-06-2020 11:01
In late 2019, Nhon Trach district cut down by nearly two thirds of poor households, equivalent to 136 households and by half of near-poor households, equivalent to 337 households. Both of the district’s targets for reducing poor households and near-poor households exceed the poverty reduction targets that the province has assigned to the district.

Calling for the construction of “Houses of compassion” for the demobilized soldiers with housing difficulties


This is thanks to Nhon Trach district’s People’s Committee’s good implementation of regulations, active support of capital and assurance of other benefits and policies for local poor and near-poor households. Specifically, the district’s People’s Committee has collaborated with the district’s Social Policy Bank in making loans to 165 households with a total amount of VND6.11 billion. Particularly, 140 households used loans for the right purposes and rose to escape poverty; 2,860 health insurance cards with a total amount of VND1.69 billion were issued to create conditions for the poor to gain an access to medical services as they are sick.


In the last school year, 419 pupils from poor households were funded to pay tuition fees worth VND143 million; 22 preschool children were funded to cover lunch costs with an amount of VND15.29 million; water filter equipment worth nearly VND23 million was installed for 15 households.


The district’s “For the Poor” Fund has called for donations worth VND485 to build 7 houses of compassion. In addition, local authorities and levels of unions have paid attention and coordinated to donate 11,743 gifts worth VND5.54 billion from “For the Poor” Fund and presented gifts to poor households, households that escape poverty, households of political ex-prisoners, and so on.


According to Mr. Le Duc Long, Head of Division of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs of Nhon Trach district, to create conditions for poor households to get vocational training to contribute to improving their quality of life, the district’s People’s Committee has coordinated to offer 7 training courses in such areas as food processing techniques, mushroom cultivation, and safe vegetables cultivation, which attracts more than 200 trainees. Particularly, the training class giving knowledge of raising Boer hybrid goats was held for 39 households in the project of replicating the district’s poverty reduction models.


Calling for the donation of the Red Scarf House for poor students


Typically, for Phu Huu commune to create conditions for its households with working capacity but shortage of loans for production, Phu Huu commune’s People’s Committee, committees, sectors and unions worked with Social Policy Bank to make loans worth VND23.2 billion to 1,265 arrivals of poor and near-poor households; support 3 households of the project of “Raising Boer hybrid goats”, and granted 12 goats with an amount of nearly VND30 million. Besides, Phu Huu commune issued more than 400 health insurance cards to poor and near-poor households; coordinated with doctors and nurses from Dong Nai General Hospitals to give free medical exam and medicine to 200 people.


Also, Phu Huu commune has been active enough to help 52 needy students to pay tuition fees, offer 134 scholarships and bicycles worth over VND91 million to students with difficult living conditions. From the “For the Poor” Fund, Phu Huu commune has built 12 houses of compassion and fixed one house with a total amount of VND620 million.


In addition to the support of benefits and policies of People’s Committees of districts and communes, some poor and near-poor households have actively participated in the models of poverty reduction and agricultural promotion and known how to take an advantage of the State’s preferential loans for production and business to help increase their income.

Duy Minh (P. Nga)


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