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There's a lightning strike hike in strong solar wind (2014-06-03 16:32:59)
Sparks fly when the solar wind blows. Charged particles emitted by the sun seem to be able to influence the rate of lightning strikes here on Earth, hints a new analysis. Next view
Ethiopia's blue volcano burns deadly sulphuric gas (2014-06-03 14:40:07)
IT'S a volcano, but not as we know it. This cerulean eruption takes place in the Danakil Depression, a low-lying plain in Ethiopia. The volcano's lava is the usual orange-red – the blue comes from flames produced when escaping sulphuric gases burn. Next view
Balkan flood zones may face even more rain next week (2014-05-27 16:28:12)
Most of the damage has been in Serbia, and in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thousands of properties have been wrecked, and 50,000 people have been evacuated. Much of the mayhem has resulted from at least 300 reported landslides and mudslides. There are also reports that the landslides will dislodge some of the 120,000 unexploded mines planted during the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s. Next view
Fracking south-east England for oil may be pointless (2014-05-26 16:49:14)
The UK's new oil rush may have ended before it even began. There are several billion barrels of oil under south-east England, according to a new report, but it may not be worth drilling for it. Next view
Handheld device detects and analyzes soil contamination within seconds (2014-05-23 09:56:28)
Contamination of soil from petroleum spills is an ongoing problem that threatens to adversely affect the environment and the health of the people in it, so rapid testing of sites is a pressing issue. However, with laboratory samples and results requiring at least a number of days turn around, particularly in remote locations, rapid analysis is not usually possible. Next view
Research suggests Earth microbes could survive on Mars (2014-05-22 09:33:41)
Since the first Mariner probes reached the Red Planet in the 1960s, it’s become clear just how very alien Mars is and how hard it is to find parallel examples of possible Martian life on Earth. However, it’s not impossible. Rebecca Mickol, a doctoral student in space and planetary sciences at the University of Arkansas, has discovered that two species of methane-producing bacteria can live in the harsh conditions on Mars, and may aid in the search for life there. Next view
Delays on climate change have cost us $8 trillion (2014-05-15 16:33:29)
TIME is money, goes the saying. When it comes to climate change, two years of inaction has cost the world $8 trillion. Next view
British government okays £200 million Antarctic science ship (2014-05-14 12:01:10)
What’s big and red and costs £200 million? The answer is the new flagship of Britain’s polar research fleet complete with helideck and robot submarines. On Friday at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne announced that the British government had authorized the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) to go ahead with the design and construction of a new state-of-the-art vessel for polar research and to maintain the British presence in Antarctica and the South Atlantic. Next view
Zzzap! Lightning Tech Could Predict Strikes (2014-05-12 17:02:51)
A system being developed by University of Alabama researchers could help forecast lightning, potentially saving lives and preventing horrific burn injuries. According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration records, lightning killed on average 53 people a year in the United States between 1982 and 2011. Next view
"Solar" jet fuel created from water and carbon dioxide (2014-05-09 11:46:12)
In a move that could help address our insatiable thirst for fuel while at the same time help cut CO2 emissions, scientists with the SOLAR-JET (Solar chemical reactor demonstration and Optimization for Long-term Availability of Renewable Jet fuel) project have recently shown that through a multi-step process, concentrated sunlight can be used to convert carbon dioxide into kerosene, which can then be used as jet fuel. Next view

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