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Constantly improving the supply of public services Update 05-12-2019 09:29
This is a comprehensive policy that was drastically implemented by sectors and localities and brought back positive signals in 2018.

Accordingly, following the central government’s directions, the provincial People’s Committee has issued a plan to control administrative procedures, and methods to simplify administrative regulations and procedures. Up to now, the provincial People’s Committee has standardized the set of administrative procedures of 19/19 departments and sectors; review and issue necessary public services to people and businesses such as providing online information on land planning, measuring and drawing land plots, registering to supply electricity and water, and so; using one-stop-shop software by shared Egov for processing dossiers and announcing administrative procedures through one-stop-shop divisions, websites and so on in order that people and businesses can seek for information easily.


Examinations to test the ability of communal-level officials are given


The one-stop-shop mechanism continues to strengthen the effective coordination and settlement of dossiers among sectors and levels of authorities of communes and districts. The prominent points are the connection between Department of Natural Resources and Environment and districts and communes’ administrative procedures, which helps to deal with 26 land-related among the provincial Department of Planning and Investment, the provincial Department of Taxation, and issuance of tax codes (31 procedures); the connection between the provincial Department of Planning and Investment, the provincial Department of Taxation to solve 22 administrative procedures in terms of granting land use right certificates and the financial obligations and connection between Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs and district and commune level offices to deal with 17 administrative procedures related to people with contributions the country and children; and so on.


At the district level, 7 procedures for granting land use right certificates to individuals and households and families are also connected; there is also a connection to help deal the administrative procedures on the registration for children’s birth, permanent residence, and health insurance. Also, Nhon Trach, Dinh Quan and Bien Hoa will continue to connect to deal with dead administrative procedures, remove permanent registration, and change civil status, burial fees, and so on.


People are completing their administrative procedures at the one-stop-shop division


In 2018, the operation of the provincial Public Administration Center continued to be strengthened and the supply of services is also increased. Those are online services on websites, and on-site services. Also, the rate of processing online dossiers on time was 95.1%. Particularly, the Public Administration Center received more than 106,000 dossiers and the rate of on time settlement reached 96.36% with the satisfaction rate of people being over 99.84%.


Applying information technology to resolve administrative procedures has been promoted. Besides Egov electronic software, other inter-sector connection software is also completed increasingly and smoothly. To date, the province has had 209 public services at level 3, and 125 others at level 4 posted on the province’s concentrated online public service portal.


In particular, the model of applied “non-administrative boundary” has created a great step in improving the settlement of administrative procedures for people. As administrative procedures in some areas are dealt with, people are allowed to choose where to submit their documents and receive results between the Public Administration Center and the unit in charge of receiving applications and announcing results regarding land, health, justice, drivers’ licenses, and so on at 11/11 district People’s Committees. In addition, people can choose to have their dossiers sent via post offices.


According to the evaluation of the provincial People’s Committee, in the past years units and localities have been active enough to carry out their administrative reform tasks under the direction of the provincial People’s Committee. Particularly, they have taken an initiative to review problems, simplify administrative procedures, and actively deal with difficulties; promptly work out plans on the implementation of the one-stop-shop mechanism; and increase the number of administrative procedures and public services at the one-stop-shop model at all levels to contribute to concretizing the policy of building an e-government quickly, neatly and transparently, and meeting the needs of people and businesses for promoting economic development.


Duy Minh (Phuong Vy)


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