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Various forms of making loans to help women escape poverty Update 05-11-2019 11:34
In 2018, there were nearly 1,400 households of women’s union members that escaped poverty thanks to various forms of making loans for increasing family income.

In particular, groups of “saving” women raised VND22 billion and loans were considered to be granted for 24,264 women. The forms of “saving” women at sub-women’s unions raised VND3 billion and from this fund loans were made to 936 women and the “For your homeland” fund disbursed VND265 from which loans were granted for 132 women. In addition, other types of loans worth nearly VND7.9 billion were granted for 920 women.


Particularly, Dinh Quan Women’s Union in collaboration with the Dariu Foundation in Switzerland carried out the “Savings credit program” at 6 units: Phu Hoa, Phu Tan, Phu Vinh, Phu Loi and Gia Canh and Dinh Quan town. To date, there have been 915 members with 152 groups and loans that were granted for 807 Women’s Union members have reached over VND6.9 billion. In September 2018, this source of loans worth nearly VND11 billion was granted for 1,468 women’s groups and 9,202 members.


The representatives of Dong Nai Young Entrepreneur’s Association handed over loans to the province’s poor women and people with disabilities


In addition, the trust program between Women’s Union and the Social Policy Bank, which makes loans to women, has up to now granted loans worth VND884,359 million to 42,756 households. During the year, loan-making activities have been entrusted for 4 units at district level and “For your homeland” fund at 10 districts, towns and cities has granted loans worth VND265,000,000 to 133 women to increase their income.


All levels of the Women’s Union have maintained their models of economic cooperation groups, business and production links, safe vegetables farming groups, and groups of sewing, livestock, and peeling cashew nuts, and so on, which have already introduced or coordinated to generate stable jobs or provide vocational training for more than 12,856 female laborers after training, and created jobs in the areas of garment, knitting, breeding, and cooking in companies and factories for 8,287 female job seekers, contributing to socio-economic development and job creation for local laborers and increasing households’ income.


All levels of women’s unions in the province have made loans to 276 start-up women; introduced more loan sources from the Social Policy Bank, savings groups, and credit funds to women; called for generous donors to donate breeds of animals or plants; and start-up women to keep bees and goats or invest in production.


Duy Minh (Phuong Vy)


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