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Monitoring the implementation of the support policies to connect production and consumption of Long Khanh’s agricultural products Update 21-08-2020 09:25
Not long ago, a group of the provincial People’s Council deputies supervised the implementation of the support policies to connect production and consumption of the agricultural products in the city of Long Khanh.

Long Khanh city’s agricultural production in 2019 reached more than VND1.6 trillion


Long Khanh city has an almost complete agriculture infrastructure with 2 reservoirs and 9 irrigation projects with 15,183 km of canals and ditches; concreted and asphalted inter-field roads and axis of concreted main roads leading to production areas; 90.2% of the electricity system meeting needs for planned concentrated production areas, thereby creating conditions for promoting the comprehensive development of agricultural production with the agricultural production value in 2019 reaching VND1,610.3 billion in which cultivation reached VND844.5 billion, livestock VND720.2 billion VND and agricultural services VND45.6 billion.


There are now 26 agricultural cooperatives, and 131 cooperative groups and production clubs that are in regular operation to exchange production skills and production experience to facilitate the implementation and development of the agricultural sector towards connecting both production and consumption of agricultural products.


Implementing the provincial People’s Council’s Resolution no. 143/2018/NQ-HDND dated December 7, 2018 regulating support policies to connect and consume Dong Nai province’s agricultural products. There are 1 project that is entitled to policies to support and encourage development of cooperation and connect products with consumption of agricultural products; 1 project registering for the building of an associated project and that is an associated project in both production and consumption of vegetables products in Bao Quang commune.


In addition to achieved results, implementing support policies to connect both production and consumption of agricultural products has been still faced up with some difficulties and a small number of participating individuals, organizations and enterprises. Up to the monitoring time, only one project registered to participate in support policies and three projects according to approved plans.


Through supervision, a group of the People’s Committee deputies of Long Khanh city directed concerned departments and sectors to direct and check localities’ implementing the support policies in production and consumption of agricultural products for businesses, cooperatives and farmers.


Duy Minh (P. Nga)


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