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Promoting the role of Uncle Ho’s soldiers in building a new countryside Update 26-06-2020 03:50
With nearly 32,500 members participating in the activities at 14 associations at levels above grassroots levels in the province, in the past years levels of Veterans’ Union have associated the contents of the Association’s activities with 19 new countryside construction criteria such as joining hands in building roads, donating land for making roads, environmental models, poverty reduction models and so on, thereby promoting the internal role of officials and members to fulfill local goals effectively.

The veterans that do business activities effectively


The most outstanding achievement in the construction of a new countryside in levels of Veterans’ Association is to mobilize its officials and members to actively help each other to increase income and reduce poverty. According to the leadership of the provincial Veterans’ Association, the association had had 0.42% of poor households and 0.35% of near-poor households before 2016 and so the goal of reducing poverty among the Association’s members was identified as an important task. In early 2017, the Executive Committee of the Association introduced a resolution to encourage members of the Veterans’ Association in the province to contribute capital to help members to borrow loans for doing business to increase their income and escape poverty. Particularly, free-interest loans worth VND520 million from sources of contribution within 60 months have been made to 22 members’ families. If members are successful to improve their income, loans will be taken back to support other members and thanks to various sources of loans that have been made effectively, so far the reduced number of poor households and  near poor households has reach 98 and 67.


The Veterans’ Association has also cooperated with unions to call for its members, former soldiers, and people to comply with the regulations on environmental protection and to actively participate in the movements of “Green Sunday” and “Green, clean and beautiful Saturday”; coordinate with levels of Party committee and authorities to manage the environment in residential areas; and join hands in the programs of segregating waste at source and minimize the use of plastic bags for a good environment. At present, the Association has a cooperative that collects waste in Dai Phuoc commune, Nhon Trach district, and an environmental company which is a veteran member of Bloc 487, which have contributed to collecting waste and cleaning up and protecting the environment.


Additionally, there are movements to build rural roads, mobilize members and people to contribute more than VND127 billion VND and over 108,000 workdays to repair and renew nearly 364 km of rural roads; to dredge, repair and construct 179 km of inter-field canals and ditches with over VND37 billion, nearly 72,000 cubic meters and nearly 15,500 work days contributed by members. At grassroots levels of communes, wards and townships, 320 traffic safety groups have joined hands in the management of 233 bright, green, clean and beautiful roads with a length of 241km, attracting nearly 2,300 members. Also, the Association of Veterans has mobilized people to donate and build 144 houses of compassion and repair 81 houses at costs of over VND5.8 billion for the poor and those that have housing difficulties; called for the Association’s businessmen, who are veterans to donate and build 124 houses for its members with the amount of over VND6.5 billion, and basically eliminate all the temporary houses of its members in the province.


Joining hands in cleaning up local environment


One of the important tasks is to focus on building a strong organizational system for the Association as well as promote the role of its officials and members in getting involved in building local grassroots political organizations, disseminate propaganda activities to call for the Association’s officials, members, former soldiers and people to abide by policies and laws. At present, 1,476 officials, members, and veterans are taking part in levels of Party Committees at all levels, 6,373 people get involved in the tasks of the Party, the government, Fatherland Front, and political unions from hamlets to neighborhoods to contribute to building and protecting the Party and local authorities.


Many models of preventing crime and social evils, and preserving order and security attract the participation of the Association’s members and these models are promoting their effectiveness such as 1 + 4 veterans model (a veteran’s household is responsible for joining hands in preventing and controlling crime with 4 adjacent households); the model in which Veterans’ groups assault to prevent and control crime, social evils, and traffic safety and order; the model of self-management Veterans’ Association that is in charge of ensuring traffic safety and order; the grassroots model of boarding house owners that are veterans, are civilized and friendly, and unite in the areas where there are many concentrated industrial  parks; the model of the research group that fully grasp public opinions; the model of veterans cooperating with medical stations to join hands in preventing and controlling HIV/AIDS and prostitution in complicated areas; and so on. These models have been highly appreciated by levels of Party committee and authorities and gained people’s trust, which has made a good contribution to preserving local security and order. Also, the Veterans’ Association cooperates with police forces to regularly patrol, guard and provide the important information on crimes. The role of the association and its members continues to be promoted and is a key force in the movement of all people protecting the national security.


It can be said that through the combination of emulation movements and joining hands in building a new countryside with the “Exemplary Veterans” movement, and annual tasks and contents local levels of Veterans’ Associations are showing their great role in the construction of a strong grassroots political system, sustainable poverty reduction, and effective implementation of economic and traffic targets in each locality.


Duy Minh (Thanh Ngoc)


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