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Vietnamese troops join hands in building a new countryside and promoting the solidarity between the army and people Update 26-06-2020 02:05
The target program of constructing a new countryside in the province has attracted the attention of local people from all walks of life and armed forces. In the past years, in addition to performing central political tasks such as training, being ready for combating, and giving advice on the State management in terms of local military and national defense, and so on the provincial military command is also active to participate in the program of building a new countryside with the movements of “The army joins hands in building a new countryside” and “The whole country join hands for the poor”.

The self-defense militia forces joined hands in building rural roads


The leadership of the provincial Military Command said, to effectively carry out the role of armed forces in building a new countryside, the provincial Military Command constructed smart people-mobilizing models such as “Meeting with religious dignitaries”; “Visiting and offering gifts to religious organizations”; and “Building and offering houses of love, compassion and friendship”. In addition, the provincial Military Command coordinated with the People Mobilization Commission at the provincial Party Committee, political unions, and levels of local Party Committees to build such models as “Competing for 4 assault targets to develop a socio-economy and protect the country”, “The green - clean - beautiful movement to ensure occupational safety and hygiene”, and so on.


Also, the provincial Military Command has used a variety of popular forms to mobilize people like making friends with local committees, sectors, unions, and authorities; coordinating with military units stationing in the area; conducting field trips for people mobilization aims; and establishing groups and teams of people mobilization to help people. Especially, the provincial Military Command has specified criteria 19.1 on national defense and security in the construction of a new countryside into 10 targets as well as formed criteria for the province’s model residential areas for being introduced all over the province; focused on building the machinery of military agencies at district and commune levels, which meet all requirements for both quantity and quality.


In the past 10 years, the provincial armed forces have conducted more than 1,200 campaigns of people mobilization at 3 levels of provinces, districts and communes with the participation of nearly 750,600 officials and troops. People mobilization and armed forces have helped people with 1,282,000 work days; had 120 km of rural roads rebuilt and concreted; had 292 km of inter-field canals and ditches dredged, cleared and dug; given free examination and medicine worth VND1.5 billion to more than 5,310 arrivals of government policy beneficiary people; built and awarded 110 houses of love, compassion and friendship; repaired 10 government policy beneficiary houses with the fund of VND7.5 billion; organized nearly 2,800 trips to search for martyrs’ remains; gathered 340 martyrs’ remains for burial in martyrs’ cemeteries.


Coordinating with armed forces, Fatherland Front Committee and the provincial Public Security to carry out people mobilization tasks effectively


Also, performing its functions, the provincial Military Command focused on taking care of building levels of armed forces, building a people’s strong national defense, and establishing a local political base with such activities as disseminating propaganda information on the Party and the State’s guidelines and policies on military and national defense to 357,000 arrivals of officials and troops at all levels; giving advice on how to offer training courses on the knowledge of national defense and security to approximately 50,000 arrivals of officials, dignitaries, civil servants, officials and Party members; coordinating with Department of Education and Training the national defense and security education council to organize 450 training courses on national defense and security knowledge for about 50,000 officials, dignitaries, job titles, public servants, public employees, officials and party members; collaborating with Department of Education and Training in giving training and education on national defense and security to nearly 815,000 students; mobilizing 800,000 arrivals of officials, civil servants, youth union members, and soldiers of armed forces to take part in defensive and combating drills at communal, district and provincial levels.


Implementing Project no. 170 on building a strong and comprehensive Military Command of communes, wards and townships to meet requirements for local national defense in the new situation and Project no. 1152 on the number of deputy commanders of the Military Command at communal levels and organizing a permanent self-defense militia forces in the province, up to now self-defense militia forces reached 1.4% compared with the population; the Party members in self-defense military forces has reached 26.45%. In addition, it is necessary to build and consolidate military youth unions at wards, townships and sub-youth unions in mobile militia forces; build 169/170 communal military Party Committees with the sub-Party Committees that are the leadership nucleus in the military and national defense activities at grassroots levels; coordinate with the provincial Public Security to strictly patrol; and implement the emulation movement of “Effective training, good solidarity, strict discipline, high readiness for fighting, and so on”.


The provincial armed forces’ achievements of mobilizing people and build a new countryside has created conditions for Dong Nai province to complete its goal of building a new countryside as well as solidified its relationship and unity with people to maintain and promote the tradition of “Uncle Ho’s soldiers” in the national construction and defense.


Duy Minh (Thanh Ngoc)


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