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The effectiveness of the “4 reductions” movement in the campaign to build a new countryside Update 26-06-2020 09:13
Since 2004, the “4 reduction” program including drug, prostitution, crime, and traffic accidents has been implemented by the Standing Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee, specifically describing the campaign of “All people unite to build a cultural life in residential areas” and now is “All people unite to build new countryside and civilized urban areas”. The program has made great contributions to maintain security and social order and safety in the province’s countryside.

The “4 reduction” program has not only mobilized the participation of the entire political system at grassroots level in calling for people to not only carry out the activities to prevent and combat crime, drug, and prostitution and ensure traffic safety and order but also create solidarity among people in each hamlet and neighborhood so that they can join hands in managing, educating and inspecting people who break the law in the community.


Police of Bao Vinh commune in Long Khanh city took testimony and seized crime tools of robbers in the commune. Illustrative photo


The integration of the contents of the programs and activities of local organizations, associations and facilities has promoted emulation movements to reduce crime and social evils in each area with the results of later years lower than those of previous years; increased the number of people provided with propaganda activities and legal education, thereby constantly raising the awareness of abiding law among each citizen, union members, officials, civil servants, and so on. In addition, the “4 reductions” program has associated the contents of emulation to build and maintain the title of cultural families and neighborhoods annually.


Every year, the committee calls for each hamlet and each neighborhood to assess the previous year’s performance results compared with that of the later year; reward the collectives and individuals who overcome local shortcomings and problems during the implementation process. Thanks to a lot of specific ways that are close to people’s real life at grassroots-level units, the “4 reductions” program has affected people from all walks of life, especially promoting of the role of the elderly, the prestigious, and religious dignitaries in calling for people to join hands in fighting with crime and social evils and preserving security and order.


Over the years, the implementation of “4 reductions” contents has contributed to clearly changing the awareness and responsibilities of sectors and classes of people, and the role of mass organizations and unions in the fight against crime and social evils. Many effective models and methods in mobilizing people to join hands in the “4 reduction” programs that have been carried out by the Fatherland Front Committees, organizations and unions like the model of “Safe and civilized boarding houses for workers”; residential areas with security and order; residential areas with traffic safety and order; the model of “Building solidarity inter-household groups” of the committee of Fatherland Front of Thanh Tho hamlet in Phu Xuan commune, Tan Phu district; the model of “Connect soldiers, people and army in the implementation of the “4 reductions” program in Tap Phuoc hamlet, Long Phuoc commune, Long Thanh district; arts performance team that disseminate propaganda information on the implementation of the “4 reductions” program in hamlet 6, Xuan Bac commune, Xuan Loc district, and so on.


In the past years of having implemented the “4 reductions” program, the province has provided more than 589 valuable sources for functional agencies; helped to clarify 137 cases; arrested 151 individuals; coordinated to educate 192 arrivals of youth; generated jobs for hundreds of people; made contributions to funds to build rural roads; built and offered houses of compassion; especially implemented the movement to build cultural hamlets and safe and order residential areas; built cultural families and new “bright - green - clean – beautiful” rural roads and the urban roads that are civilized, clean, and safe. The rate of cultural hamlets and neighborhoods has constantly improved their quality with more than 97.2% of hamlets and quarters achieving the title of cultural hamlets or neighborhoods. There are 170 communes, wards and townships that are recognized to prevent and control social evils, drugs, and prostitution; 98.92 % of households have achieved the title of “cultural family”; and so on. Thanks to this, Dong Nai has, so far, completed the targets of building a new countryside in 100% of localities in the province.


Duy Minh (Thanh Ngoc)


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